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Series Review of The Talented Saga by Sophie Davis

The TALENTED SAGA, the #1 Bestselling Dystopian Romance series about the life of a girl with extraordinary psychic powers, and what happens when a heart is torn between love and rage...
With over Twelve Million pages read in Kindle Unlimited and Half a Million worldwide downloads, readers are raving about this #1 Bestselling Dystopian Romance: 
"X-Men meets Divergent in a new way." "Intoxicatingly good."
Block out thoughts. 
Talia Lyons has one goal at the McDonough School for the Talented: learn to use her Talent as a Mental Manipulator to kill the man who murdered her parents.
Block out pain. 
She'll deal with anything. The brutal physical demands. The emotional toll. Whatever it takes to reach her objective.
Block out friendship. 
With only one year left in the program, though, seventeen-year-old Talia is suddenly finding it harder than ever to ignore the rest of her life.
Block out love.
Even worse, she can't seem to turn off her psychic connection to her first love...or quit thinking about her fascinating new teammate.
Feel only vengeance.
Ian Crane. The man who destroyed Talia's life. The one she's determined to eradicate.
Now focus.
It's time to kill.
I will be the first to admit, I am not really a huge fan of dystopian style books. I actually won this book on a blog giveaway and thank goodness! It was flippin awesome!
The story had great character development. I loved Erik. His character was so flawed but clearly a bad boy with a soft spot for Talia. Henri added a great dynamic to the group and kept it from being too intense.
This is another book about a supernatural school, but it was done with little focus on school like activities and more about the missions the teams went on. The story kept me in suspense from mission to mission.
The first chunk of the story focused on explaining everything, but still kept me interested. Then once the author got into the meat of the story, I became glued. The book had its' hooks in me for sure. The last part of it brought the story together and was filled with action.
I was not thrilled by the epilogue, but something had to give, right? The story left a lot of loose ends and the epilogue was told by Donovan's P.O.V.
I guess that was the point, because I promptly went to Amazon and purchased book 2 (Caged) in the series. I can't wait to find out what happens to Talia and her friends in the next book!! Check Talented out, you will love it! I give this great YA dystopian read five glitter stars!!!
Who can Talia trust when everyone is lying?
When Agency Director McDonough asks Natalia Lyons to go undercover at the School for the Talented to ferret out a spy, she jumps at the opportunity. Talia throws herself into the assignment, quickly learning how far the Agency will go in the name of war. With Crane’s influence spreading, Talia learns that there are few Operatives without ties to the Coalition.
In fact, those closest to her are hiding the biggest secrets…
This was an amazing follow up to Talented. I already can't wait for the third book in the series! I was hooked from the beginning and read straight through. The characters were interesting and I loved the love triangle. The emotions felt realistic and the book was full of twists. I highly recommend this series to any YA dystopian/romance lovers out there:) Five Glittery Stars!
When the war begins, which side will she choose? 
Talia’s next mission finds her analyzing the children of the nation’s capital to identify those with powers. Though she knows the mandatory testing is controversial, Talia is stunned by the unrest in Washington D.C. during the annual Talented Aptitude Tests. With protests raging, a citywide curfew is imposed.
Then the Director assigns Talia and Erik to hunt down a child who didn’t report for testing. When she encounters a face from her past, Talia must confront her toughest decision yet. Following her heart will put Talia and those closest to her in mortal danger, but the consequences of doing nothing are inconceivable.
Together with Erik, Talia must pierce the veils of secrecy before someone decides she knows too much....
I love the Talented series!! Each one is new and exciting. Sophie Davis has done a great job creating the world for these books. Everything is so easy to imagine as if you were right there in the story.
The romance between Erik and Natalia is so sweet and only heats up in this book. I love how dedicated they are to each other even in the midst of danger. 
The story was action packed and full of tension that practically jumped of the pages. I was intrigued by all the twists and turns the plot took. There were so many things about Toxic that culminated at the end of this book. It left you with an insight to what was really happening in the war between Ian Crane and Toxic.
Sophie, I am so mad at you! How could you leave such a cliffhanger?? Now I will have to wait forever to find out what happens! You better be writing book four fast:) I'm looking forward to the next book in the series.
I'm in love with this series! I'm not much into anything remotely dystopian or futuristic, but these books are amazing. Sophie Davis is a talented author and I can't wait for her future works. I'm so glad I was given a copy of this book for review.
This YA paranormal romance pulls out all the stops and pushes all the boundaries. I am giving this book five fantastic stars because I am in awe of the story that unfolds! I highly recommend this series.
The Agency stole everything: her world, her life, her future with the only person who remained true. Now Talia must fight to reclaim what’s hers…
When Talia runs away from the only life she’s ever known, she becomes the target of a ruthless manhunt. Those she once considered friends are suddenly bona fide enemies, unwavering in their pursuit. If the Agency can’t have her, they want Talia eliminated. 
As her abilities grow stronger by the day, Talia’s grip falters. While dodging Mac’s soldiers and fighting for control, she sets off on her most personal mission yet: rescuing the love of her life. But Talia has no idea that saving Erik will plunge the nation into chaos….
Fantastic!! I loved this book! Eric and Talia are just so cute together. The story was action packed but still full of enough romance. By the time I was finished with it I still wanted more. This book gets five glittery stars from me and I highly recommend this series!!!
"You are going to run. Get out of the city. Keep running. Don't stop until you're somewhere no one knows you. You are not safe. Do you understand?" Kenly Baker is alone. Her friends from the McDonough School for the Talented are scattered to the wind. Even Kenly's only living family member cannot hide the scared teenager. Because Kenly is one of the Created. For her, it's a fate worse than death. Trackers from UNITED, the international Talented organization, are hunting down, capturing and containing the Created. Kenly flees across the Atlantic Ocean, to the slums of London. There, she finds tentative acceptance among a group of outcasts. They've spent their entire lives dodging shadows, barely staying alive. Because there are adversaries in this new world who are far more terrifying than UNITED. And now their sights are set on Kenly.
I have to admit, EVERYTHING these girls write is awesome! Kenly's story was no exception. This was a fabulous tie-in to the talented series. I loved the addition of new characters to the Talented world. Then there was James. Le-sigh . . .(queue swoon) . . . what a fantastic love interest! The end of this book was the perfect way I could have even imagined it to possibly be. This is a must read in the Talented series. Five glittery stars because there aren't ten glittery stars allowed!
When Talia and Erik leave Washington after UNITED's attack on TOXIC, they have no idea that the war has just begun. The Talented are about to lose their citizenry, their status, their entire lives.
With the Creation drug wreaking havoc on Erik, the couple relocates to Eden - an island community of Talented refugees from around the globe. Though it's supposed to be paradise for the residents, where they can live without fear or containment, Eden turns out to be anything but.
Before the duo strikes out to save their brethren, they must first help an old ally who's proven to be an enemy in the past. But what consequences will they face for doing so? And what will happen when a ghost materializes with an ulterior agenda?
New alliances will form. Truths will be revealed. And the lives of all of the Talented will be forever changed.
It's go time.
*Markede is a novel between novels- the time between Created and Privileged from the voice that you know and love: Talia's
I love Erick and Talia! It was good to get the other end of the story from Book 5, Exiled. Five glittery stars! One of the best series I have read!
With a Talent like Mind Manipulation, Talia Lyons has always been able to talk her way out of any sticky situation. Not this time.
Talia’s impulsive nature has landed her on Vault, UNITED’s prison island in the Isle of Exile. But when a terrifying new group called the Privileged threatens everyone she loves, Talia cannot sit idly by.
Prison break, anyone? 
Another fabulous installment!
I was sad because I thought this was the last Talented book. After the end, I know there has to be another, so yay for that! The plotting was fantastic and I liked how they united some old friends while separating others. New characters were introduced also. I truly can't wait to see what happens next. This book was long and for me, that was great because I got to enjoy the Talented world just a little bit longer! Ten glittery stars!!!!
The Epic Conclusion to the Internationally Bestselling Dystopian Romance Series 
Talia and Erik thought defeating TOXIC was enough. They were very wrong. With enemies approaching from every direction, they're fighting for the existence of their species. 
Not everyone will survive....
That ending!!!!
Wow. I just don’t know what to say. This book left me speechless. This is one of those series I reviewed on a blog tour many years ago when Talented first released. I have been a faithful fan ever since. 
It was heartbreaking to see the talented family say goodbye for a final time. I would have loved to see a longer epilogue, but maybe the authors will be so kind one day and write a short novella about life after Fated for the characters. 
So, I don’t want to use spoilers, but I have to say, I cried at the end. Part of it was so unexpected and not in the great way. I understand that sometimes you have to sacrifice, but man, it was a hard loss. Any other possibility would have been better IMO.
Overall, an AMAZING final installment. I can’t recommend this series enough. Ten glittery stars for this book and the entire series!
Catch the whole series here!

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Wishlist Wednesday-How to Live an Undead Lie

Wishlist Wednesday is a weekly meme which spotlights highly anticipated upcoming releases.
This week I’m wishing for:
Lier is a go! But relationships don't exist in bubbles, and Grier and Linus's romance is poised to burst.
When a fledgling vampire arrives at Woolworth House searching for his maker, Grier is forced to relive her time in Atramentous. Most of those years are as dark and empty in her memory as she was in her cell. She can't remember her progeny, or the night she resuscitated him, but she can protect him from the Society. As long as she's willing to barter with her grandfather to do it.

But Lacroix has plans of his own. He envisions the city--her city--under his rule, and Grier under his thumb. Now all he needs is the right leverage to force her cooperation, and he has just the person in mind. Grier is ready to trade her freedom until a grim truth is revealed that splits her heart in two. Yet another person she loves has betrayed her, and Grier is left agonizing over how much of their relationship is real and how much was a lie.
Releases on January 1, 2019

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Wishlist Wednesday- Legacy Awakened (Prime Legacy Series)

Wishlist Wednesday is a weekly meme which spotlights highly anticipated upcoming releases.
This week I’m wishing for:
They fell in love long before they met. 
Now the harshness of reality will be their love's ultimate test. 
Wolves are endangered, thanks to human culling after a spate of attacks 18 years ago. Their low numbers mean they have no immunity when a virulent strain of rabies begins to rapidly spread. While some are seeking to hasten their extinction, others are racing against time to save them. 
The child of a prophecy. 
Ava knows we are all connected. She believes there's an answer to the conflict that seems inevitable…she just hasn't found it yet. 
A protector at no matter the cost. 
Hunter is willing to do whatever it takes to save the wolves, including risky genetic experimentation, including losing his heart…including sacrificing his life. 
Battling a deadly disease, their responsibilities, and their own undeniable but confusing feelings, Ava and Hunter struggle to find the balance between what is right, what is wrong, and who to trust. 
Ultimately, they are going to have to face the only possible solution-that their love may be the key to it all.
Releases on January 5, 2019