Tuesday, October 30, 2018

New Release Alert! The Luna's Choice by Drea Shane

I'm sooo excited to share my new release! 
The sequel to the bestselling Reverse Harem Novel ‘The Luna’s Destiny’.

Well, I got through the first part of Assembly and accepted the large selection of mates. I even grew up a bit, ready for the next page in my destiny. 

Finding my potentials was supposed to be the beginning of my story. As it turns out, that story started long ago. With each secret I unravel, there are three more to puzzle out. I’m starting to see where I fit, and it's crazier and more unbelievable than I could’ve imagined.

If that isn’t enough, having massive amounts of sexual tension with my potential mates makes for an awkward situation for everyone. The mind can be a dirty place with the right motivation.

But one mistake, one moment, one slip of awareness, and my life could forever be forfeit. Some divine intervention will be the only way to keep my destiny out of the wrong hands. 

*This is the second book in a new adult, reverse harem series. Not recommended for younger audiences due to language and sexual situations. *

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Wishlist Wednesday-Wolf Seeker

Wishlist Wednesday is a weekly meme which spotlights highly anticipated upcoming releases.
This week I’m wishing for:
An Undiscovered Past. A Feud Between Families. A Unity Filled with Hope. 
Harper Blake thought she had found where she belonged. A family who'd accepted her, a safe home that would protect her, and a love for the boy who saved her from death. Her life at Sacred Moon Shelter for Endangered Wolves was everything she could have asked for. 
All of that changes with a spark of a fire and a confrontation that leaves her on the verge of death once more. After another close call with the Angel of Death, Harper soon discovers that everything she thought was true, was woven in lies. 
The deceit puts a heavy burden on Harper's heart, and when she finally realizes who her true mate is, she's unsure which path to choose. Or if she wants to. 
As much as Harper needs time to figure things out, the tension between packs grows day by day, to the point where it's time for her to give up on her Wolf Tamer title and become a Wolf Seeker. 
Her first quest? Bring the four Cardinal Packs together, and that will put her to the test, leaving her with the task of deciding whether love is worth the risk of losing it all. 
For the sake of unity, power, and love, Harper is ready to protect the only pack she's ever known. 
Releases on December 2, 2018