Saturday, October 31, 2015

Sunday Swoon #20 - Taking Chances

Today, I get to share a few snippets from a book I love! no spoilers!

If you haven't read a Molly McAdams book, YOU MUST! She, like Jamie McGuire, is a staple in new adult contemporary romance. 

Remember to get a box of tissues first! She gives you all the feels! It's so worth it though. Her books are epic and this is my favorite one! There are so many great quotes too!

Her first year away is turning out to be nearly perfect, but one weekend of giving in to heated passion will change everything.

Eighteen-year-old Harper has grown up under the thumb of her career marine father. Ready to live life her own way and to experience things she's only ever heard of from the jarheads in her father's unit, she's on her way to college at San Diego State University.

Thanks to her new roommate, Harper is introduced to a world of parties, gorgeous guys, family, and emotions. She finds herself being torn in two as she quickly falls in love with both her new boyfriend, Brandon, and her roommate's brother, Chase. Despite their dangerous looks and histories, both men adore Harper and would do anything for her, including taking a step back if it would mean she'd be happy.


“No. If I'm being honest, I love knowing that your firsts will all be with me.” 
― Molly McAdamsTaking Chances

“You need someone who will cherish you, protect you and take care of you. Someone that realizes they’d never be able to find another you in the world, no matter how hard they looked.” 
― Molly McAdamsTaking Chances

“Well, well. If it isn't the princess."

My body tensed and I frowned when I saw him approaching. Narrowing my eyes, I plastered on a fake smile. "I almost didn't recognize you without a tramp attached to you."

Drew and the other guy snickered.

Leaning into my ear he harshly whispered, "Would you like to change that? I'm not up to my limit tonight yet."

Gah, why did he have to be so hot? My body was practically humming with how close he was. I leaned away and replied with the most innocent expression on my face, "Oh I'm sorry, but I don't have any STDs, I'm not your type.” 
― Molly McAdamsTaking Chances

“I felt like Elena from Vampire Diaries. She has two insanely hot men who are in love with her and would do anything for her. One of which, she would give almost everything to be with, and the other she continues to push away, even though she can’t ever actually stay away, so she won’t have to admit she was in love with him too. At least my guys weren’t brothers.” 
― Molly McAdamsTaking Chances

“You know he told me he'd rather be your friend for the rest of his life than risk not being able to make sure you guys are happy and okay” 
― Molly McAdamsTaking Chances

“People fall in and out of love all the time, and sometimes people have numerous loves throughout their lives. But you have two epic loves and no matter who you were with, I don’t think you’d ever get over or forget the other.” 
― Molly McAdamsTaking Chances

“No. I don't deserve you either. You need someone who will cherish you, protect you and take
care of you. Someone that realizes they'd never be able to find another you in the
world, no matter how hard they looked.” 
― Molly McAdamsTaking Chances

“One of these days Princess, I promise you.” 

I turned to scowl at him once more, “I would never be desperate enough to want you.” Okay that was a lie; my breaths were already quickening just feeling his sculpted body pressed against mine. 

His smile was slow and sexy, “We'll see.” 
― Molly McAdamsTaking Chances

“That first night, I did realize I would never meet another girl like you. But you deserve someone who has waited for you as long as you have waited for them. And no matter how much I wish I could be that guy, I can't Harper.” 
― Molly McAdamsTaking Chances

Other books by Molly McAdams:

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What are you reading?

What book do you love?

Friday, October 30, 2015

Stacking the Shelves #162 - freebies!

Stacking the Shelves is a meme hosted by Tynga at Tynga's Reviews, that features books I've received/purchased/borrowed during the current week. 

I received quite a few books this week. There wasn't anything super exciting, but there were so many free and borrowed books! 

I'm almost finished reading Will of Fate and am really enjoying it!

I listened to a lot of audio books too. I love The Naturals and Unleashed. So good! The Amanda Hocking books were good, but not nearly as good as her early works.

I purchased Entranced by Jessica Sorensen, but it is now free on Amazon, if you're a fan!

For Review:


Audiobooks Purchased:

Audiobooks Borrowed:


What did you stack your shelves with this week?

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Top Ten Thursdays #14 - YA Contemporary Suspense Part 1

The big trend this year was young adult contemporary suspense novels.

Here are the ten in my library I can't wait to read!

1. Ten by Gretchen McNeil - This book looked great and I got it on a Kindle special deal.

2. Take the Fall by Emily Hainsworth - I received an ARC of this book and I can't wait to read it!

3. If At First by Tara Brown - She writes great suspense and I'm curious to see what her YA suspense is like.

4. Don't Look Back by Jennifer L. Armentrout - Why? It's JLA! All of her books are must reads!

5. Unbeautiful by Jessica Sorensen - This is another great suspense writer and I got this one for free!

6. The Dare by Hannah Jayne - This was a Kindle Daily Deal and I've heard great things about the author.

7. Verum by Courtney Cole - Even though I didn't really enjoy Nocte, there was a cliffhanger and I need to know what happens.

8. Behind Your Back by Chelsea M. Cameron - I love this author, and this is the first suspense by her that I've picked up.

9. The Illusion of Annabella by Jessica Sorensen - Another Jessica Sorensen suspense that looks great!

10. Ashley Bell by Dean Koontz - I grew up reading this author and can't wait to see how this one is going to be!

11. Missing Melissa by Alretha Thomas - The description intrigued me.

12. Shade Me by Jennifer Brown - I received this book as an ARC and it looks really different.

13. Ultraviolet by Jessica Sorensen - This suspense by Jessica has a horror element to it as well. Looks awesome!