Thursday, October 15, 2015

Review of The Vampire's Daughter by Erin Danzer


Ordinary girl Emmie Davenport thought college would be a fresh beginning. Little did she know it would change her life forever. After a vicious vampire attack, Emmie discovers the truth about her not-so-ordinary yet deceased parents. Now it is up to her to continue their legacy.
To guide her through this new life is TJ Hawthorne, a self-proclaimed badass who comes to town just to train her. Tensions rise as Emmie denies the attraction she feels toward him, especially now that she’s rekindled a relationship with her best friend, Logan.
But training with TJ is only half the battle. After multiple attacks by otherworldly creatures on campus, TJ whisks Emmie and Logan off to Chicago. There, Emmie learns another devastating truth that further shatters her world. In the end, she must lose someone she loves -- or become the thing she hates most. 


This is actually the first book I've read by this author. I was blown away! It is a fantastic read!
Emmaline (E or Em or Emmie) is a well crafted heroine. She isn't the bad-ass character or the damsel in distress that most vampire books create. She's flawed and vulnerable, yet strong and determined to succeed. She isn't the best of the best, but she puts in the hard work and has plenty of spunk.
Then there is TJ and Logan. Sexiness! They are some eye candy that both have eyes for Emmaline. I was rooting for a certain guy and was thrilled that I got my way. 
I enjoy love triangles because there is so much angst and they keep me guessing. Would it be the edgy new guy, TJ, or the loyal on again/off again boyfriend?
The book was just a fun read and I couldn't put it down. I'm dying for the sequel. The author penned a great book and it deserves five glittery stars! 


About the Author:

Ever since she was small, Erin's imagination has led her to tell stories and create worlds, including the world of Kalearnia (found in the Spiral Defenders series). Her school notebooks were doodled with pictures and writing notes in the margins beside class notes. No scrap of paper was safe from all of Erin's notes and creations. But writing wouldn't pay the bills for a very long time.

Erin spent three summers giving away smiles as she handed out clothes to the working populace of an amusement park. It was the best three summers of her life (also where she met her husband). Since then, Erin has become a mediocre cookie decorator, learned to make a mean pizza in less than two minutes, and has sold dresses as well as window dressings.

When she isn't exploring worlds of her own creation, you can find Erin with her nose stuck in the worlds of others, supporting Indie Authors everywhere, hanging out on Facebook, or spending time with her kids, husband, and their cat. Erin loves connecting with her readers. 

To learn more, visit her website:

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