Thursday, October 22, 2015

10/23 Review of Bitterroot Part 2 by Heather Hildenbrand and S.M. Reine

Part 2 of a 3-part novella series.

One month ago, Charlotte Vuk—Charlie—was living in a small town in Oregon with her mother, completely unaware she was next in line for alpha to a werewolf pack so steeped in tradition and rules that they banished her mother 17 years ago for being “the other woman.” Now, Charlie is here in Paradise to meet a family she never knew she had. And to compete for a title she never wanted in the first place.

Regan Vuk needs to be alpha—and fast. Her father has completely lost his mind; promising his daughter’s hand in marriage to their worst enemy in exchange for a peace the vampires ruined when they killed Regan’s mom is crazy. Regan needs to unseat him and bring order back to her people. Even if it means hurting Charlie in the process.

Charlie doesn’t understand why everyone hates the vampires so much. So far, Owen’s done nothing but help her. He’s the only friend she has, the only one who has taken the time to get to know her. But Owen isn’t the only one who sees her, and soon both girls realize there’s someone else out there against the idea of another Vuk becoming alpha. It might even be the same person who killed Regan’s mom. When they discover a vampire’s scent on their tail, Regan isn’t surprised they’re in danger.

For Charlie, it’s beginning to feel as if her world is crumbling in around her. For Regan, it’s just another day in Paradise.

Bitterroot is a 3-part novella series by Heather Hildenbrand & SM Reine


I absolutely loved the first part of this trilogy. In fact, I couldn't wait to get my hands on the second part in the book. It was just as awesome as I hoped. 
I'm loving Regan and Charlie! They are both great main characters that you can't help but emphasize with. I'm team Charlie! How about you? Do you have a favorite? 
Then, there are the guys. Yup, hot guys are involved! One mysterious hot guy, and another loyal hot guy. I'm on the fence with them. They both have awesome characteristics! Gah!
Now it all comes down to part 3! I'm dying to see what is going to happen in the conclusion. All I can do, is beg the authors to finish it quickly and put me out of my misery. 
Five Glittery Stars for this installment of Bitterroot!

Bitterroot is a Young Adult Paranormal with a dose of sibling rivalry... Who will you root for?

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Regan and Charlie are forced to compete for the position of werewolf pack alpha. The winner gets Owen Rossi's hand in marriage. But only one sister already has his heart. Will the vampires and werewolves finally forge peace--or will sibling rivalry prove fatal for them all?

The epic conclusion to Bitterroot by Heather Hildenbrand & SM Reine

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