Thursday, January 25, 2018

Review: A Touch of Deadly

When Emily Brooks’ mom packed up their bags and moved them thousands of miles away from Oklahoma, the only home she’s ever known, she knew she would have a hard time adjusting to their lives in Midnight Valley. 
On the bright side, her hot new neighbor with the dazzling green eyes helps her make new friends. She even lands a role starring in a movie that’s being filmed in town. 
But life becomes harder than she thought it would be when she realizes that something just isn’t right about Midnight Valley - and it has nothing to do with the bats that swarm the town, her strange new neighbor, or even the fact that the town doesn’t have cell phone service. After a few odd occurrences, Emily is convinced the whole town is haunted. 
The only problem? No one believes her. And even worse? She thought Midnight Valley was only haunted by the dead. Not the living, too.
A Touch of Deadly by Jody Morse
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Another fantastic start to a new series from these two talented authors! I adore their books and was so excited to find a new release! Great romantic development, I LOVE reading books with love triangles, and can't wait to see how the guys change going forward as mysteries unravel. Waiting until October for another book is torture! Five glittery stars!
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