Thursday, October 22, 2015

Top Ten Thursdays #13 - Author's that have fallen off my favorite author list

I always have those authors that I read automatically. These are ones that I no longer enjoy reading. I've either tired of the authors style, series, or just don't hold my interest anymore. 

Authors that have fallen off my favorites list:

1. Lauren Kate - I was lost once they start to time travel.

2. P.C. Cast - After about the tenth book, the story started to repeat itself. 

3. Rachel Caine - I loved The Morganville Vampire series until about book 11. It dragged on and on . . .

4. Carrie Vaughn - Kitty did rock, but again, it just got old.

5. Heather Graham - I adore this author. Some of her books are fantastic. But, I'm not really into historical plots, and she includes a lot of that in her stories now.

6. Kat Richardson - This was such an unusual series and I liked that. Once it started getting into dragon monsters in underground tunnels, I couldn't get back into it.

7. Laurell Hamilton - I was psyched to read this author since she's from my hometown, but I never took to her Anita Blake series. The Meredith Gentry series was decent.

8. Meg Cabot - I enjoyed some of this authors new adult and adult books, but now she has lost some of her fun plots.

9. Lili St. Crow - I started out reading this author and liked some of the books, but her books lack the type of romance I crave.

10. Jessica Sorensen - Her paranormal books are great, but the new adult contemporary romances kind of depress me.

11. Quinn Loftis - I loved the beginning of this series, but the villains of this storyline became to cliche.

12. Samantha Young - I really enjoyed her paranormal books, but once she started Adult Contemporary Romance, I wasn't into it.

Do you have any authors that have fallen of your list of favorites?

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