Tuesday, January 10, 2012

An excerpt from Dissolve

Through all the mess, I managed to actually have a peaceful dream.  I dreamt I was an incandescent purple butterfly floating lightly through the summer air.  I reveled in the warm night and the soft breeze I was encompassed in.  Looking up, I revealed a gibbon’s moon waning in the inky night amongst the twinkling stars.
Gentle as the breeze itself, I landed on a blade of grass.  I was surrounded by an entire field of swaying grass and I sank down to the soft earth.  Time seemed to stand still as I took in the warm peaceful night.
That was when I woke up, and I meant that I really woke up.  I was lying in a meadow, the cool earth beneath me.  My blue eyes snapped open in panic.  I soon realized that the moon, the breeze and the grass were no figment of my imagination.
Naked and panicked, my mind began racing as all the thoughts course through it at once.  Where was I?  How was I going to get back to the motel?  Naked and exposed, I tried to steady my breathing for fear of the panic.  I stood up, looking around under the cover of darkness.  My heart raced and then skipped a beat as I saw the motel just off to the left of my field of vision. 
Knowing that I couldn’t walk back there naked, I chose the option to dissolve.  I was shaking and it was hard to gain my bearings.  Sinking down to the ground, I remembered the trick Nessa taught me.  After a few tries, I managed to succeed.  I was a dandelion and my particles were molecules floating carelessly on the wind like fluffy bits of seeds.
Once again, the feeling of the soft breeze surrounded me.  I swirled with the flow of the air towards the motel and soon I was seeping into the corners of the mildew laden door.  Wasting no time, I reformed on the other side and quietly slid on my clothes.  Too freaked to process any of this, I climbed back into bed and slowed my breathing to a steady rhythm.  


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