Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Review of Predestined by Abbi Glines


You would think after helping save her boyfriend from an eternity in Hell that things would go back to normal. Well, as normal as life can be when you can see souls and your boyfriend is Death. But for Pagan Moore, things are just getting weirder.

The high school quarterback and reigning heartthrob, Leif Montgomery, is missing. While the town is in a frenzy of worry, Pagan is a nervous wreck for other reasons. Apparently good ‘ol Leif isn’t your average teenage boy. He isn’t even human. According to Death, Leif doesn’t have a soul. The quarterback may have skipped town but he’s still showing up in Pagan’s dreams... uninvited.

Dank has known from the beginning Leif wasn’t human. But he hadn’t worried about a simple soulless creature. Now, he realizes he made a grave mistake. Pagan’s soul has been marked since birth as a restitution, to a spirit so dark not even Death walks near it. Dank knows saving Pagan’s soul won’t be easy but Pagan is his. And he’s already proven he’ll defy Heaven to keep her. If Hell wants a piece of him too, then bring it on.


Anything that I get to read by Abbi Glines is a treat.  She is a fantastic author and I was really looking forward to this book.  I read Existence which is book one and it was great.

The plot was unique and it was a very original concept.  She weaves the story with ease and the story flowed smoothly.  The characters were colorful and interesting.  The relationship between Pagan and Dank is sweet.  The emotion was realistic and blended in to this story without a hitch.

I liked the flashbacks of Pagan as a child.  They were revealing of her character as well as her past.  The flashbacks also added another dimension to Leif.  He suddenly became this complex character that is caring yet evil.

I don't want to give any more of the story away so you will have to pick up a copy and read this fabulous book yourselves.

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