Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Review of When We Touch by Brenda Novak


You’re invited to a wedding in Whiskey Creek, Heart of the Gold Country
Unfortunately, it’s the wrong wedding. Olivia Arnold is arranging the festivities—and it’s the hardest thing she’s ever done. Because she should be marrying Kyle Houseman. They were together for more than a year…. But her jealous sister, Noelle, stole him away—and now she’s pregnant.
All their friends in Whiskey Creek know as well as Olivia does that Kyle’s making a mistake. His stepbrother, Brandon, knows it, too. But Kyle’s determined to go through with it, for his child’s sake.
Olivia’s devastated, but surprisingly Brandon—the black sheep of the family—is there to provide comfort and consolation. The intensity between them, both physical and emotional, shows Olivia that maybe Kyle wasn’t the right man for her…
But is Brandon?


This was a sweet romance novella.  I enjoyed it a lot actually.  There was just a spot of steamy with a heavy helping of romance.

I loved the concept of the plot.  There was enough going on that there wasn't a lag in any part of the story.  The material to work with in this story could have had the potential for a full novel. 

Olivia is a jilted ex girlfriend and a sister betrayed.  Noelle is the sister who stole her sister's boyfriend and got pregnant mere months after Olivia left for a short reprieve in the city.

Kyle is the guilty party in all of this.  He not only wrecked his relationship with the girl he intended to marry, but now he is stuck with her high maintenance sister.  He is set on this wedding and doing the right thing even if it is a big mistake.  Then there's Brandon.  He is the step brother to Kyle that has unfinished business with Olivia.  He is a sexy guy with a reputation for not wanting to be tied down.

The guys are hot, the girls are sweet and Whiskey Creek is a great place to be.  I highly recommend this novella to anyone that is a fan of the romance genre.  I give this read four glittery stars!

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  1. This book sounds right up my Street, thanks for reviewing :D

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