Thursday, January 3, 2013

Review of Hunted by Sophie Davis


Book 3 Review:

I love the Talented series!!  Each one is new and exciting.  Sophie Davis has done a great job creating the world for these books.  Everything is so easy to imagine as if you were right there in the story.

The romance between Erik and Natalia is so sweet and only heats up in this book.  I love how dedicated they are to each other even in the midst of danger.

The story was action packed and full of tension that practically jumped of the pages.  I was intrigued by all the twists and turns the plot took.  There were so many things about Toxic that culminated at the end of this book.  It left you with an insight to what was really happening in the war between Ian Crane and Toxic.

Sophie, I am so mad at you!  How could you leave such a cliffhanger??  Now I will have to wait forever to find out what happens!  You better be writing book four fast:)  I'm looking forward to the next book in the series.

I'm in love with this series!  I'm not much into anything remotely dystopian or futuristic, but these books are amazing.  Sophie Davis is a talented author and I can't wait for her future works.  I'm so glad I was given a copy of this book for review.

This YA paranormal romance pulls out all the stops and pushes all the boundaries.  I am giving this book five fantastic stars because I am in awe of the story that unfolds!  I highly recommend this series.


Book 1:


If you always knew what people were really thinking, would you consider it a gift or a curse?

Talia Lyons is Talented. Born after a nuclear spill, she is part of a new generation that possesses special abilities; Talia can read the minds of others and manipulate their thoughts. Whether Morphers, Light Manipulators or Telekinetics, the Talented are taught to control their abilities under the protective eye of the government- to use their Talents for good. But all Talia wants is revenge.

Talia joins the Hunters, an elite group of government operatives, hoping to one day kill Ian Crane - the man who ordered the execution of her parents. Ever since she witnessed their brutal deaths, Talia has spent her life honing her abilities, determined to settle the score. But she still has a lot to learn before she can ease the pain inside. Talia turns to a boy who can mimic her Talents, a boy who truly understands her inner turmoil. But even he can’t help Talia, when she’s forced to choose between saving herself and avenging the lives of her parents.

Talented is an action-packed adventure, about a group of teenagers who aren't afraid to embrace their fears and fight for what they believe in.

Book 2:


After her brush with death at Ian Crane’s compound, Talia Lyons feels like a prisoner, confined in her childhood home. Plagued with seizures- the result of an unidentified drug injected in her neck by Crane’s men- Talia must put her dream of becoming a Hunter on hold. So when Agency Director McDonough asks Talia to go undercover at the School for the Talented, to find the spy who set the trap for her in Nevada, Talia jumps at the opportunity.

Soon she learns that her new-found freedom comes with a price- working with Donavon on a daily basis. As if that isn’t awkward enough, her former teammate, Erik, also shows up at the School. But at least Talia has the unexpected company of her best friend Penny; to not only assist her in uncovering the spy, but also to deal with the complications that the guys create.

As Talia becomes more entrenched in her assignment, she quickly learns the lengths that the Agency and Mac will go in the name of war. With Crane’s influence spreading, Talia learns that there are few Operatives without ties to the Coalition. Forced to face hard truths and dangerous conclusions, Talia realizes that it is those closest to her who are hiding the biggest secrets. As the task of finding the traitor becomes more problematic, desperation and frustration rule Talia’s world. It becomes clear that Talia can’t do this alone. But who can she trust, when everyone around her is lying?

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