Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Review of Dark Trade by Miranda Kavi

A dangerous man.

A corrupt corporation.

A twisted love story.

Sophia Latrude is a HR manager at an energy company on the path to recovery following a family tragedy. After the executives pull her into a strange work meeting with Russian business partners, her life changes forever.

She meets Dmitri, a rumored international arms dealer under investigation in twenty-two countries. She knows better than to get involved, but she can’t stop herself. Their tumultuous relationship takes her to dangerous places and leads her on a path that uncovers corruption with her company and in her own morality.

Loving a criminal has dark consequences.


This book was a different genre than the author generally writes and she did it so well! It was an awesome read. There was murder, mystery, romance and was all around an intriguing book.  

I loved the characters, Sophia and Dimitri. Their relationship is so forbidden and romantic at the same time. Sophia doesn't know where to draw the line and she's caught between a rock and a hard spot after a series of events force her to make choices.

The book left me at the edge of my seat and I'm already dying to read the sequel, Dark Chase. This star gets 5 stars for being the bomb!

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