Monday, January 19, 2015

Book Series of the Week #15

Felicia Parks’ sister, Scarlett, was supposed to have died. So, when Felicia runs into a girl six years later who looks just like the sister she thought she lost, she doesn’t know what to believe. Felicia soon comes to find out that the captivating singing she’d heard the night of her sister’s drowning may explain everything.

What would you do if you knew that you might kill the person you were falling in love with?

When Felicia Parks learned about her new destiny as a siren, she didn’t fully understand the obstacles that came along with it. Not until she thought she had lured Jackson, the guy who she’s fallen head over heels for. Now she’ll do anything it takes to protect him from her own song, even if it means she has to make sacrifices of her own.

Meanwhile, Felicia has less than a year to convince Phorcys that she can fall in love with someone without killing him, or she’s going to die. That’s assuming that she doesn’t die even sooner than that, since a mortal has crossed her path without being affected by her song.

Felicia Parks sets out to find the island that the woman in her dream told her about. She takes Jackson along for the ride, and they find an unexpected third party once they’re on the island. In the midst of learning many dark secrets about Angelica, Felicia knows that she must do whatever is necessary to take her down.

While she sails the sea in search of the island, Felicia finds herself tangled in a web of secrets, lies, and love.

Felicia Parks’ sister, Scarlett, disappeared without telling anyone where she was going. It couldn’t have been at a worse time. Relying on the help of Donnie and Jasmine instead, Felicia needs to figure out a way to break Jackson and Gabby free from the stone statues they’ve become, before someone shatters them to pieces.

But it’s not just Jackson, Gabby, and Scarlett that Felicia needs to worry about. She also has to recover the ancient sirens that Angelica has turned to stone and find a way to change back Ivy and her clan of sirens, too.

As secrets begin to unravel, Felicia finds herself unsure of who she can trust. All she knows is that she needs to save everyone before it’s too late.

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