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Review of Book 1 and 2 of The Unit Matched Trilogy by Mary Smith

Hidden behind the walls of Unit, Vermont is what many believe to be a religious cult. However, inside these walls lie the secrets to why Unit may be one of the most beautiful towns around. Residing inside the gates are the descendants of Mother Nature, who help keep the balance of Earth.

Among these descendants, Xaviera Anderson reigns as the Princess to Unit. Her life was much the same, until today, her eighteenth birthday. Today is different because she's to be Matched with one of the Unit males who her parents have chosen for her. Once Matched, Xaviera has to go through a decision period. She must decide if she wants this life or leave Unit powerless to be a normal human.

It is not until she's tested by the ones she trusts that Xaviera questions her faith in people and that of Mother Nature.

***This is for an audience over the age of 18 due to its sexual nature***

I really wanted to give this book five stars. The writing style and the storyline were wonderful. I liked the characters and the whole concept of the unit. I loved Xaviera and how she opens up to a romance that she didn't know she even wanted. The chemistry between the characters was a slow burn that culminated in a big bang.

Okay, here are the few problems I had with this book. There wasn't a lot of them using their powers. The whole mother nature and use of the elements was glossed over quite a bit. The main focus of this book was strictly the romance.

Here's the biggest problem of all. The real story unfolds at the very end of the story. The ending left me very unhappy. This would have been okay if the next book resolved things. Instead, the next one is about one of the other couples and there will be a short part at the end of the book explaining what happened with the first couple. There was too much left undone to leave it with such a small resolution. These characters should have had their own sequel. Also, I didn't like the couple that star in the next book. I would have preferred it be her true friends story.

Overall, the story was unique and the characters interesting. Even though I didn't like how the storyline ended, the writers writing was solid and kept my attention throughout the whole book.

WARNING: If you haven't read A Royal's Love (Unit Matched #1) this blurb and book will be a spoiler. Read with caution!

Amaya Roberts broke the Rules of Unit. As a Protector, she lied to her Royal and best friend, Xaviera Anderson. She broke those rules with Xaviera's Matched, Thaddeus Edwards. After the truth is revealed, Amaya is exiled to a cabin in Canada with her Matched, Oliver Thomas. The problem is she wants to be nowhere near Oliver.

Ninety days locked away in a cabin is pure torture for Amaya. The only escape that she finds is writing in her journal, something that has been her solace forever. Oliver wants to get to know his Matched during this exile. He seeks her out and wants her to let him in. What he doesn't know are the secrets buried deep within her and her journals. She hides secrets that have shaped who she is and ghosts that haunt her still.

As she learns to share a cabin and a temporary life with Oliver, she begins to let the old ghosts go. As she realizes just how good life with Oliver could be; she is in danger of losing it all. Will she finally find the happiness she never thought she deserved just to have it ripped away when the Royal Xaviera banishes her from Unit forever?

***This has Adult Content. Please read with caution.***

I definitely enjoyed this book better than the first one! In A Royal's Love, Xaviera was the princess of the unit and the story revolved around her. I really liked Xaviera, although I didn't really like Thaddeus so much. The ending left me rather upset, with how the author left things. It was definitely a cliff-hanger.

So when I started reading this book, I had reservations. This was only because the book was about Amaya and Oliver, leaving things with Xaviera and Thaddeus unresolved.

The storyline jumps right in to Oliver taking Amaya to their destination. Her punishment for breaking the rules were simple. She has to be exiled for 90 days in this remote cabin, as well as having to spend this time with her own matched, Oliver.

The story is written in days, to show how time went by throughout her exile. I wasn't sure I was going to enjoy it in that format at first, but I quickly enjoyed keeping track of the changes in Amaya as her 90 days went by.

At first, I wasn't sure how I felt about Amaya, given the circumstances that happened in the first book. As the book went on, I decided that she was a good character, once the author developed her more.

Then there was Oliver. I adored him. He was hot and a great guy. He was so patient with Amaya, even when she was a total brat. I was definitely an Oliver fan :)

The last 10% of the book was excellent. It brought Oliver and Amaya back to the Unit. The characters reunited and there were a lot of great twists. I loved the resolutions the author tied up.

There is a third and final book out and I can't wait to read about Gia! This book gets a lovely five glittery stars for being a compelling read!

 In the conclusion of the Unit Matched trilogy, Gia Centers has a secret that she has kept from her Matched, Graham Centers and her friends. She thought that she would have more time to spend with them before it's revealed.

Unfortunately, it's not the case and now she needs to figure out how to save Graham and her friends.

***This is for readers over 18***

About the Author:
Best Selling Author, Mary Smith, has been coming up with stories her whole life. She has written A HOCKEY TUTOR, THE ICE SERIES, as well as co-authored THE PENALTY KILL TRILOGY and OH CAPTAIN, MY CAPTAIN SERIES. When not busy writing or rooting for the Chicago Blackhawks you can find her with her nose stuck in her Kindle.

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