Saturday, March 3, 2018

Review: Unblemished

Unblemished by Sara Ella
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Eliyana has always recoiled from her own reflection in the mirror. But what if that were only one Reflection—one world? What if another world existed where her blemish could become her strength?
Eliyana is used to the shadows. With a hideous birthmark covering half her face, she just hopes to graduate high school unscathed. That is, until Joshua hops a fence and changes her perspective. No one, aside from her mother, has ever treated her as normal. Maybe even beautiful. Because of Joshua, Eliyana finally begins to believe she could be loved.
But one night her mother doesn’t come home, and that’s when everything gets weird.
Now Joshua is her new, and rather reluctant, legal Guardian. Add a hooded stalker and a Central Park battle to the mix and you’ve gone from weird to otherworldly.
Eliyana soon finds herself in a world much larger and more complicated than she’s ever known. A world enslaved by a powerful and vile man. And Eliyana holds the answer to defeating him. How can an ordinary girl, a blemished girl, become a savior when she can’t even save herself?
Cute fantasy romance! Lots of twists and integrity in this book. The main character is very confused and rightly so. Connections to other family she never knew, romance that gave a girl a lot to think about, and friends both old and new. A great read for lovers of ya fantasy with a big dose of romance! Four glittery stars!
Book 2 and 3 in the trilogy:
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  1. I enjoyed your review. Hit on all the points. And such a lovely cover.