Thursday, April 11, 2013

Devour by Andrea Heltsley excerpt


He wasn't supposed to remember.

Callie is a royal vampire. She hunts by taking the blood from her victims and erases their memories afterwards. She goes undetected until a victim named Chase approaches her with all his memories intact. He is intrigued and attracted. She is terrified. What happens when a human mixes with the immortal world? Chaos.

Callie’s 18th birthday has passed and she is coming out at the annual blood ball. Will she find a mate or will she suffer the repercussions of her indiscretion? She is brought to the Vampire council and they must decide what to do with Chase. Do they kill him, or turn him to protect their secret?


We stop at the bottom of the stairs and give the customary first public kiss. Clapping and the sounds of well-wishers ensue. Our kiss is broken yet again by the sounds of Hannah. She is so getting on my nerves.
“Cody is meant to be my mate! You stole him, Callie Andell!!” she screams out.
Anger flares up in me, but Cody just squeezes my hand tightly and I try to release some of it. How dare she. Cody is my mate. He is my true mate in every sense of the word. 
“Excuse me everyone, but Hannah here is mistaken. Callie and I aren’t just mates, we’re true mates.”
Everyone around us gasps. True mates are so rare to find. This should have shut Hannah up, but no. She is a still acting like child in the middle of a temper tantrum who still isn’t getting her way.
“He’s my true mate, Callie!!!! You stupid cow, I will ruin you. Cody is MINE!!!!” she shrieks.
Now, I feel the anger roll off of me. She’s bat shit crazy. There’s no other explanation. Cody has grown angry and impatient. He pulls me to him and wraps his arm around my shoulder.
“Don’t do this to yourself, Hannah. I was never yours to have. I’m sorry if you felt that way, but it’s Callie. She’s my true mate and I can’t stand the thought of you ever doing anything to harm a hair on her head. Do you understand me, Hannah Monte?” Cody says in a strained voice.
Finally, someone got her under control. Hannah’s parents grasped her from both sides and guided her out the exit. She won’t be coming back tonight.
Trying to take some of the negativity back off the spotlight, we kiss again. Cody dips me down in a Hollywood style kiss and I grin at the crowd when we come up for air.

So what did you think?  Hannah is something else!  She needs some major Xanax.  You'll have to pick up a copy to read what happens next!

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