Saturday, April 13, 2013

Review of Unraveling by Micalea Smeltzer


Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance

Katy Spencer's life fell apart two years ago. Since then, she's closed herself off. She's a shell of the person she used to be. The only person she trusts is her best friend Rollo, but even he can't keep the nightmares away. Then she meets Jared. He's the first man she's been around since the event that she's not afraid of. He makes her heart race, not in fear, but in a fluttering that could become something meaningful.
Jared can tell that Katy is broken. He sees something in her eyes that he’s often seen reflected in his own.




Jared is determined to get to know her.
He wants to solve the mystery of Katy Spencer.

He will… unravel her.


OMG.  Seriously... This book was fabulous.  I was already a huge Micalea Smeltzer fan girl before this book, but wow.  This was a great new adult story.

The characters were all so great, even Piper and Karlie.  Katy's character remains consistent throughout the story, yet grows as she transforms into someone new.  Then there's Jared.  Talk about hot!!  Who wouldn't want such a hot guy that is so understanding and caring.  Even flawed, he's perfect.  Preston.  Well there's Preston and that's all I will say about that.

This book really drew me in.  From page one, I was wrapped up in the story.  I finished it in one sitting.  Micalea really has a knack for writing great characters and original stories.

My ONLY complaint, was the relationship.  It almost seemed like it happened at the end, just like that.  I wanted more of Jared and Katy.  This book was more of a cute romance and not so much a steamy romance.  

If I were you, I would download this book like yesterday.  It's wonderful and I'm eagerly awaiting Micalea's next release.  I give this book five glittery stars for being just WOW!

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About Micalea Smeltzer:

Micalea Smeltzer is an author from Virginia. Her name is pronounced Muh-call-e-uh. She is permanently glued to her computer where she constantly writes. She has to listen to music when she writes and has a playlist for every book she’s ever started. Micalea has enough books, and she’s read them all, to start her own library and that doesn’t include all the ones on her Kindle. She has three shih-tzu’s, Benvolio (Bennie), Balthazar (Zar), and Tucker. 

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  1. I'm seeing a lot of New Adult Contemporary books this week. Thanks for sharing! :D