Thursday, July 11, 2013

Beautiful Trash by Mara Ryder release!!!

Beautiful Trash
Scarlet Briar
The exclusive private community inhabited by actors, sports stars, senators and high society. The most recent additions being Cherie Boddington and her stripper mother—poor white trash gone to live in the house on the hill with multi-billionaire community owner Drew Briar.

With the Cruelest Intentions

Cherie thought since she’d lived in the gutter she knew how dangerous the world was and how to protect herself. She knew how to be hungry, how to do without, and how to scrape and claw for what she wanted. No one ever taught her how to handle excess—or the hedonist heir apparent who has nothing better to do than find her every limit and push her past them. Fearing she’d become like her mother, Cherie’s had little sexual experience aside from her mom’s pervert boyfriends trying to get into her pants, but while trying to hold her own in Scarlet Briar she’s launched on a journey of self-discovery, and the nature of pleasure and pain. She's torn between three men who offer her very different things. The enigmatic Scarborough "Scar" Briar who is sex on a stick, the steady, down to earth mechanic Jamie Blandin, and the forbidden, powerful Drew Briar.
With the world at her fingertips while waiting for the glass house to shatter, Cherie embraces every new experience, every taste, and every touch only to learn not all that glitters is gold. Sometimes, it’s just Beautiful Trash.

Kindle Edition, 136 pages

Published July 4th 2013 by Mara Ryder 

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