Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Review of For Their happiness by Jayton Young


What do you do when your soul-mate doesn’t know you’re his?
Crystie had always kept to herself, only having one friend. She liked it that way, until she saw her mate for the first time. He was everything she could dream of, athletic, honor society, genuinely nice, and defensive of those weaker than him. The only problem; he was the soon to be Alpha and was in love with his childhood sweetheart. They had grown up together and had always been faithful, so Crystie stayed hidden and never let him know.
Trent had always had a soft spot for his best friend, Nikki, but they were not mates. He had always looked for his mate, but as the years passed, he was giving up hope of finding her. He had caught a scent of her when he was seventeen that made his wolf howl ‘Mate!’, but was never able to find who the scent belonged to. As the time for him to take over the pack came closer, he decided to mate with Nikki so the pack would have an Alpha Female.
Now forces are after Crystie along with the problems she’s having by not being with her mate. What will happen if Trent doesn’t discover Crystie is his mate and find her in time?


The Good:  This is one of my favorite new werewolf books.  I loved it.  It was creative and sweet.  I adored Crystie in this story.  She was such a genuinely good person/wolf.  There was just the right amount of action in it and I was never bored.  In fact, it was a page turner.  I was so sad when I read that Crystie walked away from her mate, I could feel the sorrow she felt.  It didn't seem fair because she always saw the best in everyone, but got nothing in return.

The Bad:  The sequel isn't out yet and I want to read it!!!!  She ended things neatly, but it just wasn't long enough and I need more!!!

The Sexy:  There was the perfect blend of romance in this book.  It was an upper YA, new adult book due to sexual situations.  I really enjoyed the way the romance in this book grew to a crescendo in the end.

Overall:  This was a fabulous book.  I am so glad I took the time to read it.  Any romance or werewolf fan would enjoy this book.  I don't have much more to say about it other than it was awesome and deserves five glittery stars!

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