Monday, August 5, 2013

Review of Emma Hart series, The Mauve Legacy

Book 1 Description:

Lily Mauve's parents move her 1700 miles across the country to the town of Salem and into the 400 year old family home. It's here Lily discovers the extensive magical history of the Mauve family, learns about her own powers and falls deeply in love with her new best friend's brother. She meets family she never knew she had, but she quickly grows to love them. She allies with vampires, creatures she thought were made up. Everything is tipped upside down when one of her new friends is hurt at the Homecoming dance because of who she is, and when the attempts on Lily's life start she realises fear is no longer an option. Her Uncle eventually lets slip the true meaning of her Grand-mamar's prophecy and Lily's world changes. She wants to go quietly, save the people she loves but her rare mental connection with Ava means Ava knows her every thought, and she won't let her go. But ultimately, she must fight for the safety of those closest to her, even when lightning strikes and her family's world is shattered.

Book 1 Review:

I really enjoyed the blend of supernatural beings in the book. I think the passages of Josh 's pov were unnecessary though. This was overall a great novel and I really can't wait for the next book!


Book 2 Description:

Lily is mourning the death of her father when she comes into contact with a werewolf pack. But she has reason not to trust them all, especially Felicity, and Sampson is way too obvious. Uncle Kev makes a discovery that could change the way they view the fight against the witch hunter. Lily fights an unseen enemy that puts her relationship with Josh to the ultimate test. Add this to her new power, empathy, and she's at breaking point.

Heartbroken and pushed to the limit, she turns to her father's grave for solace and finds wisdom where she least expects it.

Lily must stand up and be the leader everyone knows she can be, especially when one of her best friends is kidnapped by Luther and held at ransom.

But, the question remains. Can she believe in herself enough?

Book 2 Review:

This is a really good series. There were some typos but the storyline is good! I can't wait to see what happens next :)  I wasn't thrilled with the ending but enjoyed the story. It was a great followup to the last book. 

Book 3 Description:

A rescue mission, coming face to face with a notorious witch hunter and destroying an old, evil building - its all in a days work for witch, Lily Mauve.
With Ivy safe, Lily can justify a week in Florida to see Grandma Bea with her Mother, sister Rose, best friend Ava and boyfriend Josh. But of course, like everything in Lily's life, it's just not that simple. Another family secret is waiting to be uncovered. Two untrained witches are joining their ranks along with a small coven of vampires.
A casual evening on the beach ends with a fight against Henry Luther's new minions - Hell's demons. This new revelation puts a spanner in the works - and Lily's ever growing powers don't help either.
Returning home after the less than relaxing vacation, Devlin introduces Lily to the new wolf in the pack, Craig. Wolves have one mate for life, and Craig claims Lily is his. Thrown into yet another love triangle, Lily must keep her wits about her and remember the ultimate goal.
After a vamp/demon attack, Lily knows the witch hunter is testing her. The arrival of her third moon means only one thing to her - the end is near.

Book 3 review:

Loved this book. I wish the books weren't so short :)
I am really growing to love this series.  I like all the characters personalities and how they mesh together.  Emma has made an urban fantasy world that is full of supernatural beings.  I might be a little in love with Josh :) I look forward to reading the next book.

Book 4 Description:

An influx of demons. A murdered werewolf. And a vampire that knows all Henry Luther's secrets.
Things are hotting up in Salem.
After saving Ivy's life (again) and getting her third moon, Lily is shocked to find nothing has changed.
Spurred on by a massive demon attack, Lily, Jerome and Elijah form a plan to take down the vampire behind the crazed fledglings, and with it, gain information on Henry Luther.
But when Craig attacks Lily to try and claim her, her world is shaken as she realises that no-one is untouchable, including her.
Finding a dead werewolf in her back yard doesn't help either.
A spell, seemingly gone wrong, sends Lily's spirit to the Summerland, the witches sacred place of the dead. Hecate gives her an option, and she must make her decision before it's too late.
With the penultimate battle closing in on them, it's time for everyone to step up the game.
Lily thinks the 300 year old war will end in Salem. Because destroying Henry Luther is what she's destined to do, isn't it?

Book 4 Review:

Another great addition to this series! Can't wait to read the 5th book in the series! I love Josh and Lily!!!


Book 5 Description:

Having got control over her goddess powers 11 months after Henry Luther's revelation, Lily knows she must find the elusive copy of the full prophecy written about her over three hundred years ago if they're to stand a chance at beating their new opponent.
Joining everyone at college is Mia; the definition of the word extrovert. Her outgoing ways lead to a rookie mistake - one that catches the eye of the very person they're all trying to avoid.
When vampire hunters descend on the college, new bonds must be forged, secrets must be revealed and the future must be discovered.
And when Jasmine is taken, a deal must be made.
One that only Lily knows the price of.

Book 5 review:

This was another great book in the series. while not my favorite one, it builds the storyline none-the-less. There was a huge shocker in the end too. Can't wait to read the next book! 

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