Monday, February 24, 2014

Review of Crux by Miranda Kavi

I’ve been captured by the Shyama.

They’ve revealed their origins… and mine.

I will escape, I will live, and I will see Gavyn again.

After the Shyama brazenly kidnap Aurora in a crowded Las Vegas Casino, others in the Organization soon go missing. Her friends, family, and Gavyn sink into despair as hours pass into days with no leads, but Gavyn refuses to give up the search.

During Aurora’s captivity, she learns the terrible truth of the identity of the Shyama and her own kind. Worse yet, the Shyama have horrible plans that will destroy everyone she loves.

Aurora needs an army to stop them. But first, she has to escape…


Okay, so I might be a little in love with Gavin!!!!!! He's so amazing. You have to read the book just because of him.
Yeah, I love Aurora too. The poor girl has had a tough go of things in the supernatural world, yet she perseveres. 
This was a great follow-up to Flee. It was a little short, but very enjoyable. I was glued to the pages and read it quickly. 
The story was original and had all the great parts to a new adult/adult paranormal romance. I highly recommend this five star read, cuz it's awesome! 

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