Sunday, June 15, 2014

Behind the Blogger

I thought today I would share a little about the person behind the computer!  This book blogger is also a writer.  I have been blogging for over two years and I love it.  Reading and Writing are my two favorite past times when my husband isn't around to distract me:)

What is your favorite color?
Red Wine mostly and red in general

Who is your favorite author?
This one is so tough since I read sooo much.  I think I would have to say right now that it's Rachel Vincent.  her series are always amazing!

How many books have you read this year?
I'm a super fast reader and I think I'm approaching 140 this year already!  I know, that's ridiculous:)

What genres do you read and review?
I love New adult contemporary romance, paranormal romance- adult and YA, romance-but not the cheesy kind with the hulking dude on the covers:), and some urban fantasy.  I LOVE werewolf books!!!

What is your favorite band?
Even tougher question since I write all day to music.  It's a five way tie between Taylor Swift, Jack's Mannequin, A Fine Frenzy, Eric Church and Motion City Soundtrack.  What can I say, I have strange taste in music... I didn't have enough room to fit Shakira, Lana Del Rey and The Pretty Reckless :)

What is your favorite movie?
Elektra- Jennifer Garner is bad-ass in that movie!

What is your favorite TV show?
I have two!  Orphan Black and The Vampire Diaries (Based on the L.J. Smith books).

What genre do you write?
I write mostly upper YA/New Adult paranormal romance.  This year I have plans to write a new adult contemporary romance.

What books have you written?
I have written Dissolve (Dissolve duology), Dreamwalker (A Persephone's League of Immortals Book), Dancing with Deception (A Dancing book), Dancing with Death (A Dancing book), Dancing with Demons (A Dancing book), and Devour.

What's next for you?
I have a New Adult Romantic Comedy, Distance, coming out summer 2014, Dancing with Disaster book 3 coming out late 2014, the conclusion to Dissolve in 2014 and then four more projects for  2015.

Where can I find out more about you?

My blog:





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