Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Review of Lover, Divine by A. Star

For fans of the Oracle of Delphi series...and for those who aren't...

Born into one of the wealthiest families in Ireland, Siobhan Law has status, privilege, and a secret: The Greek gods of Olympus and their kingdom in the clouds are real, and her family acts as one of their agents on Earth.

When the beautiful immortal celeste Liam Argyros shows up claiming to have come to Earth to deal in the affairs of the divine, Siobhan finds herself unable to resist his charms. New to the game of passion and seduction, she quickly ends up in over her head, sinking deeper with every attempt Liam makes to win her over.

But Liam’s divine mission is far more complex than she ever imagined and nothing is truly as it seems. Because Liam has a secret of his own: He is Apollo, Olympian god of the Sun, and his mission will never be complete until he has claimed Siobhan’s heart forever.

WARNING: For readers 18+ only. Contains adult language and sexual situations.


Ah, Lover, Divine by A. Star... how to describe the complexities of this book? I loved the story in theory. The concept and complexities were brilliant. There was just enough mystery to keep me interested as the story unraveled.
The characters were intriguing and I found myself wanting certain outcomes to happen. Oh, and not to mention the male of interest was yummy!!!
There was a prophecy and I was so hopeful once it was revealed for the ending to be a HEA. It was, to an extent, but fell flat due to the parameters of the story. It felt like they were written into a corner which couldn't be reversed.
I wished for many other ways for this book to end, alas, it just wasn't meant to be. There is supposed to be another book and a spin-off series too. I'm sure they will be great, because the author has a ton of potential.
Despite how disappointed I was in the outcome, I am looking forward to reading more of this series. Hopefully the author will redeem herself and take the story in a direction that is much more fantastic.
All in all, this was a good new adult paranormal romance. I give Lover, Divine four glittery stars for holding my interest and making me want more!

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