Friday, September 8, 2017

Review: Omega

The second book in the Infinity time travel series is full of action, romance, and an intricately designed roller coaster plot.
One mistake can change everything. Ashlyn Calvert finds that out the hard way when a bad decision leads to the death of her best friend, Noah Anderson.
Only Noah isn’t really gone. Thanks to his parents’ company, the Infinity Division, there is a version of him skipping from one dimension to another, set on revenge for the death of his sister, Kori. When a chance encounter brings him face-to-face with Ash, he’s determined to resist the magnetic pull he’s felt for her time and time again. Because falling for Ash puts his mission in danger.
But there’s more going on in Ash’s alternate universe than either of them knows: a mysterious project called Omega. A conspiracy spanning multiple Earths and revolving around none other than Ash. Its creators would do anything to keep Omega secret…
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I thought the first book was brilliant! Stoked for this installment, the author didn't let me down. It was well-written and came from a fresh point of view. The story is told from Noah and Ash's POV. While everyone else is still present and a large part of the book, we get an in-depth view of Noah. I can't spoil it, but this series is a must read and I already need book 3! Five glittery stars!

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  1. You've made me so excited to read this series! I have the first book waiting for me at home.. Hopefully I'll get to it after fall break when I return from college! :) Glad to see that the second book wasn't a disappointment!!

    1. I really hope you enjoy this series as much as I did!