Thursday, September 28, 2017

Review: Truth In Eden

Though she has a professional career and has found success in her young life, Maya has always felt like something about her was off. Pieces of her life were missing from her memory, and she knew there had to be a way to get them back. She just didn't know how. 
A run in with her childhood best friend, Sebastian, takes her back to where she came from, to where she can remember who she is, her important role, and her family's legacy. Only Sebastian can take her back; it is her decision whether or not to stay, save her mother, and defend her people or to go back to her safe, familiar life. 
Can the love she finds in Eden heal her heart and bring her life completely together?
Truth In Eden by Sarah Kay Carter
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
So enjoyable!!! I'm a fan of this author and her other series. This book was great! I loved how richly imagined the other dimension was built. Everything was evenly placed, I enjoyed almost all the characters, well still not sure about Victor, but everyone else. The main character was a strong female protagonist, yet the author made her relatable. The romance was so sweet and I loved Sebastian. I highly recommend this author and this book! Five glittery stars!
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