Saturday, June 23, 2012

Review of Stealing Breath by Joanne Brothwell


Deep in the backwoods of North Dakota, twenty-one year old Sarah Ross is searching for a missing child when she is attacked by a glowing-eyed, transparent... creature. Sarah survives, destroying the monster by using mysterious abilities she didn't even know she had. Bloody and bruised, Sarah flees the scene and runs directly into Evan Valente, a handsome, charismatic stranger who helps her back to safety. But what is Evan doing out in the forest at five in the morning?

Turning to a healer, Sarah is shocked to learn her eyes bear the mark of the Indigo Child-an evolved human with the ability to feel the emotions of others. But her indigo aura also makes her an easy target for those who wish to consume her powerful essence.

Soon, Sarah is falling deeply in love with Evan and wants nothing more than to follow her heart and trust that he is the man he says he is. But she can't ignore the lingering feeling that Evan is hiding a terrible secret. The deeper she digs, the more danger she faces, leading her on a course that will force her to face the darkest, innermost parts of her soul.


Before you pick up this book, hop on over to Amazon and purchase the prequel, Vicarious.  You will love the novel even more if you do.  While Vicarious is a short novella (only 34 pages), it is worth picking up before reading Stealing Breath.

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Now on to my review:)  I picked this book up by accident really.  I read the description on a Goodreads giveaway and thought it sounded fantastic.  I entered and was the lucky winner of my own paperback copy.

Stealing Breath picked up where Vicarious left off.  The characters were then familiar and I was sucked in.  I read the entire book in one day.

I liked how intriguing the story was.  Evan was a great character.  The whole time, you were rooting for him even though you were pretty sure there could be something more going on with him.  Just that fact kept me riveted until the end.

There were a few inconsistencies in the book and contradictions, showing how green the author was.  I quickly overlooked them though and really enjoyed the book.  It was fast paced and engaging.

I also enjoyed the paranormal aspect of this book.  The author used unconventional supernaturals and it made the story truly unique.  Instead of the regular vampires and werewolves, she used skinwalkers and warlocks.

Anyone looking for a great mature YA/adultish paranormal read will love this book, I know I did!!!

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