Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Liebster Blog

Yay!!!!  I have been awarded with the Liebster Blog Award thanks to Daydreaming Bookworm!  This is my first blogging award:)

The Liebster Blog Award is given to upcoming bloggers who have less than 200 followers and Liebster is a German word which means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing and welcome.Awww....that's so adorable.
Here are the rules:

1. Each person must post 11 facts about themselves

2. Answer 11 questions the tagger has given you and give 11 questions for the people you've tagged.

3. Choose 11 people and link them in your post.

4. Tell them you've tagged them.

5. Remember, no tag backs.
11 facts about me:
1.  I read YA, romance, and fantasy in any combination.
2.  I have two Italian Greyhounds and they are the best dogs in the world:)
3.  I am a writer, currently working on publishing my third book independently.
4.  Red is my favorite color.
5.  I am not a huge fan of dystopian or zombie books.
6.  My favorite band is Jack's Mannequin and singer is Charlotte Sometimes.
7.  I love the Underworld and Resident Evil Movies.
8.  I love love love ice cream.
9.  I love to watch supernatural type television shows such as Vampire Diaries, Supernatural and Teen Wolf.
10.  I am the oldest and wildest of three, I have a younger brother and sister in their twenties.
11.  I am super excited they are making The Host by Stephanie Meyer into a movie out in 2013!!!!!!
My questions from Daydreaming Bookworm:
1)How long have you been blogging?
   since last fall
2) Are you on Goodreads?
    yes-all the time:)
3)Do you do weekly memes on your blog?
   not yet
4)Which book are you currently reading?
   Velveteen by Daniel Marks- an ARC
5)How many books do you have on your wishlist?
   almost 200!!!
6)What is your favorite subject?
   Science-I was a Biologist before I became an Author.
7)Where do you live?
   St. Louis, Mo, US
8)Did you ever visit my blog before I tagged you?
   Yep, it is a great blog:)
9)What kind of books do you usually read?
   Paranormal romance-YA or adult
10)What is your all-time favorite author?
      Rachel Vincent and Nathaniel Hawthorne, it's a tie.
11)Do you currently have any ARC with you?If you do,which book is it?
     Yes, Wilde's Army by Krystal Wade- so good so far!

My questions for the ones I have tagged:
1.  How long have you been blogging?

2.  What genre do you blog about?

3.  Where are you from?

4.  Do you have any ARC's right now, if so what?

5.  What are you currently reading?

6.  Who is your favorite author of all time?

7.  Do you usually read mainstream or indie authors?

9.  Do you give your read books away, run contests with them, or keep them?

10.  How many books are in your TBR pile?

11.  What is your favorite food?

 Thanks everyone who participated!!!!!


  1. Thank you Andrea for giving me this award! It's my first award too!! :)

    Here's the post:

    Have a great day ahead, cheers!


  2. Thank you Andrea for this award!
    I was happily surprised.
    Here my post


  3. Thank you so much Andrea for this award. It was a wonderful surprise :)
    Here is the link to the post:

    Thanks again!

  4. Thanks so much for nominating me Andrea ^^
    And congrats on your win :D
    Take care and HAPPY READING!