Friday, June 22, 2012

Review of Vicarious by Joanne Brothwell


From Joanne Brothwell comes a thrilling prequel novella featuring characters from her debut novel, Stealing Breath.

Even though eighteen-year-old Sarah Ross can’t stop the bodily sensations of other people’s emotions bleeding into her, the desire to stay sane demands that she ignore them. She has enough on her plate already: living in small-town Slave Lake, North Dakota, Sarah is trying to deal with her new responsibility of a full-time job while facing the upcoming loss of her boyfriend, Tyler, and best friends, Kate and Amber, as they prepare to move away for university.

Attempting to savour her last few weeks with Tyler before he’s gone, Sarah hopes to spend as much time with him as possible, but is surprised by the sting of rejection when he rebuffs her efforts to be with him. Opting to hang out with her loyal friends instead, Sarah is shocked and sickened to overhear a drunken girl’s gossip at a party: Tyler has been cheating on her.

Hell-bent on confronting Tyler, Sarah decides to embrace her ability to sense other people’s emotions, and uses her sixth sense as a tool for exacting sweet revenge on her cheating boyfriend.

A prequel to Stealing Breath.


I read Vicarious because I was the winner of Stealing Breath on Goodreads.  I purchased it to read in preparation, I was very excited about Stealing Breath.

I was bummed when it said it was only 34 pages.  I wanted more of a novella I guess.  After reading it, I concede that it was good.  It was still short, but had a great story.

Basically, Sarah has empathic abilities and she is just starting to learn how to use them.  She discovers a cheating boyfriend amid her own fears of being left by everyone at the end of summer.

Vicarious had a good flow and the story kept me entertained.  I promptly picked up Stealing Breath and started where Vicarious left off.  Overall, it was a solid story and a good set up for the full length novel that followed.

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  1. I'm not really into novellas, but this one sounds okay. I've never heard of Stealing Breath before. Did you like it?

    Bound 2 Astound

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