Sunday, March 31, 2013

Indie-Licious Blog Hop #7

We here at Indie-Licious love blog hops. We love them so much that we host one once a week on Sundays.

Sign ups are from 6:00 pm Tuesdays through 11:59 pm Saturday, EST. Just enter your info into the Linky List.

We only ask that you post teasers no longer than a paragraph. Anything longer than this will make it difficult for everyone to read and comment on your entry.

Have fun!

Here is a longer snippet from my coming soon Dancing with Death.  Dancing with Death will be out mid April along with its prequel Dancing with Deception.  I can't wait to share them with you!

I saw them too late. Headlights filled my field of vision like tiny halos and it all happened so fast. I felt the impact as the crunch of metal collided and I swallowed a scream.

My car slid sideways and off the road. I couldn’t do anything but pray as the car rolled down the ravine. The crash had folded me into a metal box as I slowed to a stop.

The whole time, my life flashed before my eyes. I knew this had to be it. I was going to die. That was the last thought I had before my vision faded to black and I lost all awareness.

I faded in and out of consciousness, feeling a burning sensation course through my body. Every few heartbeats my eyes fluttered open and all I could see was blackness.

I never imagined this was how I would die. I was trapped, upside down, in a crunched up metal case with no one in sight. Tears rolled and slowed as they reached my hairline. 

My arms hung like a ragdoll, loose in the air. The airbag had gone off and only served to smother me as I struggled with ragged breaths. I wanted to cry for help, but nothing came out. I was tired, so tired.

My eyes flickered and I saw a hint of an image in my periphery. A new surge of hope coursed through me and I tried to turn for a better look. Fire coursed through my body and seared me from the inside out at the movement.

I heard rustling but couldn’t make out its source. My vision was too blurry. I vaguely heard a warning but wasn’t sure for what. 

Then I caught the sound of shattering. The glass to my left was spider webbing and giving way. Soon, I heard the voice that was smooth as honey.

What do you think?  Do you think she will survive?  Who is there?  Is it the other driver? You'll have to check out Dancing with Death to find out!!  Thanks for visiting me today!


  1. Great teaser! I can't wait to see who's behind that voice.

  2. Hmmm, horrible crash, but what is waiting for her next? Has death come to take her from her life, or has someone come to save her?

    Great teaser, Andrea!

  3. Very intense teaser indeed. I do wonder if she is going to make it and who has come to her rescue. I look forward to reading more.

    Elle C.

  4. Good imagery! And yes...I want to know who that person is!

  5. Oh my. I want to know who her rescuer is, and OUCH!