Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Review of Phase by E.C. Newman


Sophie Todd hoped that her senior year would be different. Unfortunately, different seems to mean getting punched in the face for sticking up for the new girl, having her offer of friendship spurned by said new girl, and finally gaining the attention of her long-time crush, Ezra Varden, but for all the wrong reasons.

It's a tenuous friendship at best, but as Juliet starts to open up to Sophie, they both realize that the Vardens, Juliet's foster family, is not your average family. They're extremely close-knit—freakishly so—but they welcomed a complete stranger into their home, which just so happens to have the largest meat freezer anyone's ever seen...

...and certainly no one said anything about Ezra and the wolves.


The Good:  The book was very well written.  The author wrote a creative read while adding strong morals into the book.  Sophie got good grades and never did anything wrong.  Summer was a bully that Sophie puts a stop to.  Juliet was a foster kid with a desire for a better life.  Ezra was Sophie's high school crush and proves that good things come to those who wait.

The Bad:  There wasn't any romance until the very end.  There wasn't even a lot of build up.  It made me kind of sad.

The Sexy:  Nothing really sexy about this read.  It was a YA paranormal book.

Overall: This was a great YA book that was suitable for all ages.  There was some bullying and violent references, but no blood and gore.  It was an overall safe read.  I have to give this one four glittery stars for being a pretty decent read.

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