Thursday, December 26, 2013

Review of Pure by Catherine Mesick


 Sixteen-year-old Katie Wickliff lives quietly in the small town of Elspeth's Grove, unaware of the troubled past that forced her grandmother to flee Russia with her when Katie was only a child. When people in the town begin to disappear, and Katie's own home is attacked by a terrifying creature, Katie and her grandmother return to Russia to find answers.

Pursuing them is the handsome William – who just might be a vampire. Katie discovers that William is indeed partially a vampire, but he is also one of the Sidh, an ancient clan whose members are gifted with great power – a clan to which Katie's long-deceased mother also belonged.

Soon, Katie discovers that her mother's seemingly natural death was actually murder, and she is forced to confront the question she wants to face the least: Is William her otherworldly protector, or is he the monster who killed her mother eleven years ago?


This was a very unique book that I really enjoyed.  The storyline was extremely creative and there were twists and turns around every corner.  

Simon? eh, I could do without him.  William? yum, he is definitely a keeper.  He is hot and haunted.  What girl doesn't like the tortured bad boy?

I liked the change in scenery halfway through the book.  The author did a good job mapping out two solid locations for the story to take place.  Katie and GM start out in the U.S. and end up in Krav, Russia.

The characters in Russia were more interesting and better fleshed out than the U.S. characters.  Most of the story happens in Russia and it's an adventure once we get to that point.

This book was well written and I can't wait to read more of Katie and William's story in Firebird, book 2.  I give this four glittery stars for being such a creative read!

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  Book 2:


Sixteen-year-old Katie Wickliff wants nothing more than to settle into a quiet life with her cursed beloved, William. But both Katie's past—and William's—are far too troubled to allow them to live in peace. Shortly after Katie discovers that a shadowy figure has placed a price on her head—and that a pack of vampires is out to collect the reward—William disappears, leaving Katie alone and unprotected.

Bereft of her true love and surrounded on all sides by danger, Katie must find out who it is that hunts her—before her life is claimed.

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