Saturday, December 14, 2013

Teaser Sunday #10

Welcome to teaser Sunday!!! Each week, I will post a teaser from one of my current releases or a work in progress. Stay tuned and enjoy!

Dancing with Demons out Feb 2014

They dropped me off first since I had a flight to catch in the morning. I was still glad. Mom and I were leaving early anyways. It took me no time to unlock the door and step inside. 

The warmth was heaven. I shed my shoes and coat before heading towards the living room. The fire illuminated the room and I found Mom on the couch, asleep with a book in her hand.

As quiet as possible, I put the book on the coffee table and slipped a blanket over her. No doubt, she was waiting up for me, but there was plenty of time to catch up tomorrow.

I had just turned to leave when I heard her. “Is that you, Wendy? Did you have a good time? You look beautiful sweetheart.”

Truthfully, I was confused and would probably spend most of the night worrying about things. I couldn’t really confide in my friends for this one right now, so I made a decision. Mom would help me see reason.

I turned and gave her a smile. Then I sat next to her on the couch. “The club was fun. I enjoyed myself until things went too far.”

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