Sunday, December 1, 2013

Teaser Sunday #9

Welcome to teaser Sunday!!! Each week, I will post a teaser from one of my current releases or a work in progress. Stay tuned and enjoy!

Dancing with Demons will be out early 2014!

I was cocooned in the comfort of my bed and the warmth was heaven. Waking up was the last thing on my mind. Instead, I couldn’t get the man in my dreams out of my head. He was gorgeous.
The dream was so serene. I was sitting on the dock of a lake, dangling my feet in the cool water. It was warm out and I pulled my hair up into a messy ponytail. I heard footsteps approach and turned around to discover who they belonged to.
I couldn’t believe my eyes. He sat next to me before speaking. I was acutely aware of the way my body reacted to his. The air sizzled between us and I had to fight the urge not to throw myself at this dream guy.
This guy was tall with ear-length blonde hair and stunning amber eyes, not to mention the definition of his muscles beneath his fitted gray t-shirt. I was a pile of mush right now.
He only said four words. “I’ve finally found you.”

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