Monday, September 8, 2014

Teaser Sunday #12

Welcome to teaser Sunday!!! I will post a teaser from one of my current releases or a work in progress. Stay tuned and enjoy!

Lexi has sworn off guys for good.
She’s always been a hot mess, but accidentally finding her boyfriend of three years cheating on her is just too much for her to handle.
All she wants is to get this summer done and over with, so she and her best friend Elena can travel cross country for college. Then she will finally be free of this town, the friends that dropped her in favor of her ex, and her klutzy reputation.
Lexi's policy was working perfectly, until a guy named Mason comes to her rescue. Not once but twice in one night. For once, her mishaps have led to something good.
She’s feeling things that scare her, but she’s drawn to him. Can Mason break through her walls, or will she stick to her plan and steer clear of him?
This is a new adult romantic comedy.
Recommended for ages 17+ due to mature content.


After my story of her drunken dealings, Elena began texting furiously. Her fingers were flying across the screen on her phone.
I was curious. “Who are you texting?”
“Oh, I was just talking with Henry. He didn’t remember the guy I was with, but he was telling me about his friend and the crazy thing that happened last night after we left.”
“What happened?”
“Hold on, let me finish talking to him and I’ll give you the whole story,” Elena said.
I waited as she continued to text away, loving the gossip, I’m sure. My nails impatiently tapped on the table while I waited.
When Elena was finally finished, she looked up at me, grinning. “You will not believe what we missed! Henry's friend’s ex-girlfriend showed up and got really drunk. She put on a strip show in the backyard. I bet all the guys were having fun with that. Henry said she took it all off. When his friend tried to get her to stop, she pulled him down, wrapped her arms around him, and tried to kiss him senseless.”
“Did he say which friend?”
“Nope, but his friend apparently got pissed and carried the poor stripper, I mean ex-girlfriend, to his car and drove her home. That’s all I’ve got, but that sounds like quite a show.”

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