Sunday, September 21, 2014

Teaser Sunday #13

Welcome to teaser Sunday!!! Each week, I will post a teaser from one of my current releases or a work in progress. Stay tuned and enjoy!

Every year, Henry Madsen threw a huge middle of summer party. We’ve gone every year since we were freshmen in high school. His house looked more like a mansion, it was that huge. I never understood how his parents could let him throw such a rowdy party, with alcohol nonetheless, but it wasn’t my place to question it. I was just here to enjoy it; well, most years. This year, I was dreading it.
“You’re thinking about him, aren’t you? You spaced out and got that faraway look on your face.”
In truth, I wasn’t thinking about him at that moment, but I didn’t have the energy to explain differently to Elena. Instead, I just went with it.
“I’m just nervous about seeing him. Even though I hate what happened, a part of me still loves the Jameson he used to be. It just sucks.”
“It’s a good thing you won’t be drinking at this party. You tend to get all emotional when you’re drunk and I can’t let you embarrass yourself. Don’t worry though; I’ll drink enough for both of us.” Elena grinned.
“Of course you will, Elena. I never doubted it for a second,” I commented as I smirked at her.
“Park over there, down the street; we’re going to have to hike it.”
Her comment made me cringe. My shoes were not exactly designed for this kind of walking.
“Fine. I’m just going to have blisters from these heels,” I grumbled.

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