Thursday, July 12, 2012

Review of Nightmare (Noctalis Chronicles Book #2) by Chelsea Cameron


Ava-Claire Sullivan still doesn't follow the rules. She shouldn't have let Peter Claim her, turning her into his own personal blood bank. She shouldn't have told Tex Peter was immortal because now her best friend won't shut up about hooking up with Peter's equally immortal brother, Viktor. And she shouldn't have fallen in love with Peter.

Too late.

Sometimes, love kills. One promise Peter made nearly a hundred years ago could do it. A kiss, a touch could be the end of him. So all she has to do is not let him fall in love with her. Easier said than done.

But Ava's going to find a way for him to be free, even if it kills her. Or makes her immortal. There's no way she's losing Peter in addition to her mother. No freaking way.

What would you do when the one you love would die if they loved you back?


I don't know about most Chelsea, but most sequels are hard to write.  It is hard to live up to the expectations after such a great novel is written like Nocturnal was. 

I however found Chelsea Cameron to make an even better sequel than her initial book, Nocturnal.  Nightmare was a thrilling read and I thought it was made of pure awesomeness!

Nightmare focused less on her mom having cancer, which I found to be a relief.  I love how interesting the relationships become in this book.  Texas and Victor finally get to meet.  Tex is through the moon over it.  

Peter and Ava also tell Ava's mom the truth about everything.  I enjoyed the dynamic between the three characters after that.  They made Ava's mom happy by not keeping the truth a secret.  

I absolutely loved, loved, loved the relationship between Peter and Ava.  They become so attached and you can feel her love for him.  Their interactions in this book were endearing and sweet.  

Most of the action happens in the last portion of the book and boy did it deliver.  I am still awestruck by the cliffhanger Chelsea left us with.  Needless to say, I will be one of the first in line to download the final book in the trilogy, Numb (Noctalis Chronicles Book #3) when it comes out in the fall.  I give this book five glittery stars!!!

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  1. First of all, Thanks for visiting and following my blog :D, I am now following you as well through GFC. I agree sequels are sometimes the most dissapoint books around because it is simply too hard to replicate the amazingness of the original book, & yet through literary magic sometimes they are even better than the first!


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