Thursday, July 5, 2012

Review of Pandora's Key by Nancy Richardson Fischer


When everything you believed about yourself is a lie, how do you unlock the truth…

Evangeline Theopolis has nightmares about the violent deaths of women she has never met. Her single mother, Olivia, suffers delusions she can’t hide. And Malledy, a brilliant young man, may have a disease that will leave him paralyzed and insane. Their lives are about to collide.

On Evangeline’s 16th birthday her mother gives her a necklace with an antique key charm—a family heirloom, though no one knows what the key unlocks.

Everything changes. Her mom is hospitalized. Her godmother attempts murder. An ancient Order tries to kill Evangeline, and a lethal sect to kidnap her.

Nothing makes sense—especially Evangeline’s own face, which has morphed from geeky to eerily stunning; the ancient key that feels strangely alive against her skin; and the magical abilities she begins to possess.

Evangeline must use her wits and supernatural powers to fight her deadly adversaries and discover her true identity. But can she accept who she really is and save the world?


Pandora's Key was a very intriguing book.  I was skeptical after the first couple pages, but it quickly picked up speed and I held on for the duration.  The story was gripping and I couldn't put it down.

Evangeline was a character that remained very confused throughout the book and I kind of liked that she wasn't some kick ass hero.  The characters each served a part in the story and I liked the way they were weaved into the story.

The only negative about the book was the fact that it wasn't told only through Evangeline.  Malledy served as a second narration and I found it to be unnecessary and out of place in spots.  I understood the author's intentions, it just didn't flow.

There was a lot of mythology and that kept it interesting.  All in all, I enjoyed the mystery and it sucked me in.  The story made sense and I was satisfied at the end of the book.

This is the first in a trilogy and I can't wait to see what the next book holds.  This is a great paranormal YA and I highly recommend it:)


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