Monday, July 9, 2012

Review of Nocturnal (Noctalis Chronicles Book #1) by Chelsea Cameron


Seventeen-year-old Ava-Claire Sullivan isn't one for doing the expected. Especially when she finds out her mother's cancer is terminal. After a crying session in the local cemetery where she's attacked by one strange guy and saved by another, she doesn't call the cops. Because those guys definitely weren't your average hooligans.

And the one who sort-of saved her? Well, he's odd. He doesn't seem to breathe or smile or have anything better to do than wait in the cemetery for Ava to come back. Which she does. Call it morbid curiosity. Even after he warns her that he's dangerous, she can't stop wanting to see him, talk to him, be with him.

There's something about Peter that provides a much-needed escape from her mother's diagnosis and her tenuous relationship with her father. Even her best friends Jamie and Texas don't know what it's like to face death. But Peter does. He already has. He also made a promise a long time ago that could destroy both of them.

When everything in your life is falling apart, what are you willing to give up to hold onto the one thing that could last forever?


I have been in the mood for a good vampire book lately.  A little birdie or two told me how great Chelsea Cameron was.  She did not disappoint:)  This was a uniquely written tale of the Noctalis.

I will admit that I struggled a little through the beginning of the book.  Ava's mom is dying of cancer and it was slow and hard to relate to for me.  I found myself wishing she would get over it and come to terms already.  I know I have never dealt with this before so I am sure it was a perfect reaction, I just didn't share the sentiment.

That being said, I was glad I stuck to it.  This book was great.  Ava was a girl who wasn't afraid of the sexy and mysterious Peter.  Peter turns out to be one of the undead (immortal vampire) that has a soft spot for Ava.

I liked the unique dynamic with the characters in this story.  Everyone had their own demons to fight in different ways.  It was very philosophical somehow.  

I did feel it needed a little more action towards the end.  It was over so fast.  None the less, Chelsea has me hooked for yet another book.  Book 2 in the Noctalis Chronicles is Nightmare and it is out now.

For any of you young adult or vampire romance lovers out there, this series is for you!

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