Sunday, February 17, 2013

Indie-Licious Blog Hop #2

We here at Indie-Licious love blog hops. We love them so much that we host one once a week on Sundays.

Sign ups are from 6:00 pm Tuesdays through 11:59 pm Saturday, EST. Just enter your info into the Linky List.

We only ask that you post teasers no longer than a paragraph. Anything longer than this will make it difficult for everyone to read and comment on your entry.

Have fun!

Here is an excerpt from my upcoming revamped YA book Dissolve! 

There was blood everywhere, so much blood.  The dark red splatters surrounded me.  It stained my creamy skin with a brush of crimson.  The blood was caked around my fingernails as well as underneath them as I checked for his pulse. The blood surrounding me was dark and sticky, flaking away in flecks at the dried spots.  The gothic music that floated through the air was melancholy. A chill raced down my spine and I suppressed a shiver.  I closed my eyes and will be haunted by the image I will never forget.  His eyes were so empty and frozen in shock.  Blood had swelled from the back of his head from a large gash. A nearby statue was covered in dark red blood, the source of the deathly blow.  

Hmm...eerie don't you think?  I'm going to have to post a love teaser next week after creepy ones two weeks in a row :)


  1. A bloody good and creeptastic scene.

  2. Oooh, eerie. Now I'm wondering who this person is and who's the dead guy? Does he mean something to her or is he just collateral damage? Hmmm! Nice teaser :)

  3. Very visual excerpt. wondering what the statue was?