Thursday, June 13, 2013

Book of the Week #4

My pick of the week:

This was just a great vampire series that kept me on the edge of my seat and had a great love story in it.  Check it out, it's worth the read!

Book: Tears of the Broken

Author: A.M. Hudson



"Powerfully integrated vampire series."

An epic romantic fantasy. The entire series is a journey to watch one girl grow and find that love is something you fight for, not a gift you can take for granted, combined with a sexy vampire and a deeper, darker mystery lurking underneath it all.

Vampires do not care about the myths people believe. They feed on humans, walk in the daylight, and no, they certainly do not sparkle. The only problem is, they don't usually fall in love with their food, either. But David Knight is about to discover that love knows nothing of morals or laws.

When Ara-Rose learns the truth about her boyfriend, David, she will be forced into a world of death and secrecy. Living each day on a path lit by predictability, Ara had never imagined such nightmares could exist. Now, her fate is measured by a choice between eternal love and a normal life, a decision she only has until the end of the summer to make.


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