Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Cover reveal of June Bug by Ashley Poston


Twenty-one year old Roman Montgomery is one hell of a playboy. Or he used to be. Before the whole best-friend-commits-suicide-and-fans-blames-him thing. Now, with the truth out, he can finally get back to his old ways.
Sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll.
What more could a guy want? But when he finally reemerges into that life as the old Roman Montgomery everyone loved to hate, it turns out he wants a lot more. He wants a connection. He wants witty conversations and popcorn-and-pizza movie nights. Not doing groupies in hotel maintenance closets and dating models who barely speak English. These girls are beautiful―don't get him wrong―but they're not enough. Ever since he met the pink-haired radio heart, he can't seem to get Junie Baltimore out of his head. She's even in his dreams―it's that bad. 
What's worse, she probably hates his guts more now than ever. Ever since the vigil, the paparazzi haven't left her alone, and they never will as long as there is so much as a hint of love in the air.
In the end, there is only one choice left to make―is music really the love of his life? Or is it the girl who has inspired the best record of his career?
... And what if he chooses wrong?


Book 1 in the series:


Roman Holiday

Eighteen-year-old Junie Baltimore is glad the band Roman Holiday is dead, done, so last year. She can finally take their wannabe rock songs off the jukebox in her late father's bar and introduce her simple-minded peers to real rock and roll. It's the perfect plan---until the bar falls into foreclosure.
While on vacation with her mother and new step-father, she accidentally crosses paths with the estranged lead singer, Roman Montgomery, and finds herself oddly attracted to his quirky humor and guarded ivy eyes. He isn't half-bad, really. In fact, he likes rock and roll, too. The real kind. And he has a killer arm tat.
Roman is in town to attend the one-year anniversary of his band mate’s death, and the reason the band disbanded. Rumor has it, he killed her, but the longer the week stretches on, the less Junie believes the rumor. The truth is buried somewhere under his guarded, sad eyes, but before she can find out she is thrust into the media spotlight.
Now, a paparazzo hellbent on destroying Roman’s career forever offers Junie the chance to save her late father’s bar from foreclosure. All she has to do is lie, and damn Roman Montgomery to his rightful place… but the truth, if she can find it, will set Roman free.
Who is she kidding? That's an easy choice... right?

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