Thursday, September 10, 2015

New release! Risking Ever After

At twenty-one, Claire Preston knows her dream of becoming one of the top dancers with the most prestigious ballet company in the country is within reach.
Every night Damien "Spade" Slater lives out his dream on stage, playing hard and then partying harder.

Both are so far from the small town pasts they left behind and the people who said they'd never make it.

She's disciplined, determined, focused . . .

He's Rock 'N' Roll's current favorite bad boy and the last single man standing in Ashes and Embers now that the rest of the band has settled down . . .

She follows the rules . . .

He believes rules were meant to be broken . . .

So what happens when she decides to break them, when one night, one reckless decision costs her that dream she's held onto for so long? What happens when the only person she can turn to for help is the last person in the world she thinks she can depend on?
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Expected publication: September 12th 2015

Books 1-4 in the Ever After Series:

About the author:
I'm a lover of all things books! I've been hooked on reading my whole life and am just as passionate about writing. Words have the power to open our eyes and hearts to new ideas and new worlds. Anything is possible between the between the pages of a book. I've had my heart broken and then mended again, I've laughed, cried and wanted to cry out in frustration. A good author has the ability to make you feel their story and relate to their characters. That's all I want to do. My goal isn't perfection, but to make the reader feel it.I have a beautiful son who is seven years old and when I'm not reading or writing, I'm building forts and having Nerf battles. Feel free to add me or find me on Facebook. I love talking to people and I appreciate honest feedback!

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