Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Top Ten Thursdays #8- Auto-buy Authors

Everyone has their favorite authors. Here is a list of authors that I automatically buy when a new book is released. 

My Auto-buy Authors:

1. Rachel Vincent- She pens a great supernatural story, no matter what the story is.

2. Alyssa Rose Ivy- I haven't read a book written by her that I didn't adore. She has a great writing style.

3. Amy Bartol- The plots are excellent, and there are plenty of swoon-worthy guys!

4. Jennifer L. Armentrout- What else is there to say, other than- she rocks!

5. Shelly Crane- One of the first indie authors I read. LOVE her. 

6. Addison Moore- All of her books are intoxicating, all though, The Celestra Series will always be my favorite!

7. Kiera Cass- I'm engrossed in this whole dating royalty reality show scenario.

8. Kelley Armstrong- All of her series are great, and now she's been adapted to TV, which is great too.

9. J.L. Weil- She's starting to become one of my favorites with every new book she releases.

10. Richelle Mead- The Vampire Academy-who doesn't love them? I happen to adore the Succubus Blues series more, but she's a superstar!

11. Molly McAdams- Grab the tissues! Molly weaves such a compellingly heartbreaking story, with unbelievable happy ever afters.

12. Jennifer Crusie- She's an older author, but her romantic comedies are the bomb.

13. Molly Harper- I'm addicted to all of her books. Romantic comedy with just enough sarcasm to keep you hooked.

14. Joann I. Martin Sowles- She only has one series out, but this vampire series is AMAZING!

15. Sophie Kinsella- I have always enjoyed all of her books, even the ones under Madeleine Wickham!

Who are your auto-buy authors??

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