Monday, March 16, 2015

Freebies for Your Kindle!!! #5

Everyone loves Freebies!!!! 

Here is a list that compiles Kindle books that were free at time of this post. Just click on the image to get the book. 

I hope you can find a book or two to fill up your TBR list on your Kindle!

Starfire AngelsSojournerThe Emerald Talisman
GlimpseFire Burn and Caudron BubbleMeeting Destiny
A Chance for CharityBrandedInsight
Meant to BeGrey Eyes
Wander DustDirty BloodPrince of Wolves
BirthrightsMortal ObligationBecome
Blood Singer Stained
Blackwing AngelCan't Shake YouHellsbane
Anything but SweetFighting DestinyMangled Hearts
Forever the OneSins of A WitchSomeday Girl
Darkness of LightSeeTrinity

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