Thursday, March 19, 2015

Review of Close to Destiny by Adria J. Cimino

Does déjà vu have a deeper meaning?

A puzzling gift from a stranger in a hat shop. Whisperings and footsteps in a dim luxury hotel. Dreams that transport to elegant parties where champagne flows like water. Kat is both frightened and intrigued by the events that have plagued her since she arrived in London, in a final effort to save herself from anorexia and recover from her latest suicide attempt.

Most disturbing is an encounter with a mysterious woman who introduces Kat to Will. And this lovely messenger has information she desperately wants to share with Kat: an incident from more than a century ago that could transform Kat’s future. But will Kat listen?

A story of the role of destiny in life... and of righting the wrongs of the past.


I was blown away by Close to Destiny. Adria J. Cimino is a new author to watch! The writing and editing was flawless.

The best thing about this book was definitely the mystery. It was the best plot I've read in a long time! The author did nothing to give away how the story unravels and I was guessing until the very end.

This was a romance, but I wished we would have had a little more of it. While the ending was very satisfying, I would have liked to see more romance than just the last little bit.

Most of the characters were very well developed and were enveloped in mystery. I was constantly guessing their motives as each piece of the puzzle unfolded.

I really enjoyed the paranormal aspect. It just added to the plot and characters. I had fun trying to figure that part out. Was it real? Was Destiny a figment of her imagination? Were her outrageous stories true?

I highly recommend picking this book up and giving it a try. Look out Nora Roberts, this small press author is making a name for herself. This book gets five glittery stars for being a pleasant surprise and one of the best mysteries I've read in a really long time!

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  1. Thank you for taking the time to read and review my book, Andrea! So rewarding to hear such praise!