Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Book Series of the Week #26

This addiction once again started out with a freebie. I liked Deception so much that I kept reading. This series was so good!!! The first book is still free if you are interested. Cyndi Goodgame is another surprising new author I've come to love!

Do the Fey exist? In Grace’s world they do, but she doesn’t know it yet.

An unsuspecting Grace thinks she is utterly ordinary ignoring the fact that odd things happen to her daily. She has always felt like she did not belong anywhere or to anyone. She constantly lets others rule her feelings, drive her inner anger, and squelch her capabilities. Yet she sees impossible things happen, seems to make them happen unintentionally, and spends the majority of her teenage life trying to prove to others that she is not a freak.

Ian, is a clever quiet dark-haired boy who always seems to mysteriously save her at just the right time from her darkest moments. And does he know how Grace feels about him? Will she ever admit it aloud?

Then one Halloween night, her eighteenth birthday, she finally finds out the truth. A prophecy. Before she was born, her destiny was chosen naming her to end a war. She enters a world hidden just outside the real one. Was it all laid out, or does she have a choice?

Grace seems to think so even still. And Ian gives her the choice to walk away from him and his secrets. But does she want to walk away? Ian offers much more than just himself, the son of the Seelie Court queen. He offers her a path into his world where appearances are deceiving and others are trying to woo her away. Her world by birth. Creatures. And they are not the tiny winged beings from her childhood. They call themselves many names. Fey. Fair Folk. Fairies. And they say she is to be their new queen. But the enemies who want her to fail are closer than you think. Much closer. Will Grace be able to tell friend from foe? Even ones who have been beside her for years?

And yet all of this was her choice? What will Grace choose? Who will Grace choose?

Companion Novel to Deception (Fey Court Trilogy, #1)

Ian's POV and background all the way back before the prophecy was made that Grace would be his betrothed queen of the Fey Seelie summer court. The devoted Ian may be quiet on the outside, but his emotions are raging on the inside for his sarcastically curious green-eyed queen to be.


Her name is Grace, queen and Firebearer of the summer Seelie court. Ian is the court’s well respected, rather good looking prince whom she is now betrothed and completely devoted to as she stands beside him while ruling a people she didn’t know existed before. Days before her eighteenth birthday she followed him into this fairy tale that remains unknown and hidden from the human world. Now, nearly a year later, they are to be married, convince others to put aside their ill will to spare their court, avoid the pestering Unseelie prince who thinks Grace should belong to him, and find time to really know each other in the process.

Unfortunately, the two other princes play a part in the fairy tale prophecy threatening to take Grace away from not only Ian, but the Seelie court as well. Kinsler, prince of the Unseelie court stands ready to persuade her that his unethically driven winter court is a better choice and will make her the most powerful queen in all of Fey history. Pike, the broody forgotten prince of the Seelie court stands by at the ready in case she leans his way and decides to discard Ian. But this isn’t just about the heart…other motives are in the mix.

Kidnapping, slavery, and murder. Grace will be confronted with the worst of circumstances she cannot turn back from and be forced to face the consequences despite her honorable intentions. With knowledge and power comes heartache. With heartache comes strife. Will Grace fulfill this prophecy like they say or lose everything she holds dear?

Grace knows what she is to the Fey world and only she can make the decisions she must. Ian is her knight in shining armor in every way according the fairy tale prophecy written about her.

But...another prophecy is out there. Does it mean a different ending to happily ever after for the Summer Fey court queen or is that really her true purpose in the first place?

Confusion sets in as Grace partakes on another journey to discover what lies ahead for her despite the fact that she still stands with the position that she makes her own choices. Prophecies never lie, traitors never cheat, and loved ones never die. Or do they?

Kinsler, Pike, and even Ian make several daring attempts to secure the courts to order and seal the Seelie Summer and Winter courts to peace once and for all. To do this, sacrifices have to be made.

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