Sunday, April 12, 2015

My favorite Books during my teen and new adult years that I need to re-read

There were so many great reads in the last few generations. 

Here are some of my all-time favorites that I really need to take the time to read again. 

Do you have any favorites from your ya and na years?

1. Christopher Pike- Witch (Christopher Pike was my all-time favorite YA author. His books captivated me. I'm  so glad he's writing new stuff again. The classics are awesome, though.)

2. L.J. Smith- The Initiation (There is a reason this author is so popular on T.V. now! All her books are really good.)

3. Janice Harrell- Temptation (Did you know L.J. Smith wrote these under a pen name???? I've read this trilogy so many times!)

4. R.L. Stine- The Babysitter (Yeah, I loved a few of the scary books he put out, just not the Goosebumps series..)

5. Lynn Ewing- Goddess of the Night (This was such an awesome concept about Hecate, goddesses and some Egyptian mythology mixed in.)

6. Cate Tiernan- Book of Shadows (THIS series was one of my FAVORITES! I loved every single book in this crazy long series. A must read witch series for sure.)

7. Isobel Bird- So Mote it Be (Kind of goofy, but it was a fun witch series.)

8. Holly Black- Tithe (One of the first fae series I ever read. Dark, but good.)

9. Chris Wooding- Poison (This author put out a few highly creative books before going into science fiction)

10. Stephen King- The Gunslinger (I think everyone has read Stephen King at some point in time. Also, the books are all better than the movies.)

11. Dean Koontz- Door to December (Just a creepy psychological thriller I really enjoyed.)

12. Nancy Holder- The Evil That Men Do (Who doesn't love Buffy the Vampire Slayer????)

13. James Patterson- Pop Goes The Weasel (All of his early books were so much better than anything he has written lately.)

14. Katherine Applegate- Search for Senna (Gah! This series was crazy popular when it came out!)

15. Phillip Pullman- The Golden Compass (The book was so much better than the movie.)

16. Terry Brooks- Magic Kingdom For Sale- Sold! (This was his awesome series before he became well-known for his many Shannara Series.)

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