Thursday, September 26, 2013

Review of The Engagement Game by A. Gardner


Two best friends. One billionaire bachelor.

When Kat Artino meets the billionaire of her dreams she doesn't expect the number one contender for his heart to be Holly . . . her best friend.

Rex Kinlan needs a fiance and he hits every checkpoint on Kat's list. A life with him means trading in shabby hospital scrubs for a closet full of Jimmy Choos. But after a tell-all lunch with best friend Holly, Kat discovers they're falling for the same guy. And Holly refuses to step aside. Why waste a good catch?

A friendly competition suddenly turns into a disastrous game of "out the backstabber". And after humiliating herself in front of her future mother-in-law, Kat finds herself running into the arms of the one man who is completely wrong for her.


This was another freebie from Amazon that I grabbed.  I'm glad I did.  I loved this book!  It was a fun and easy read.  There was a little predictability, but otherwise, it was awesome.  Any girl loves a good romance.  This one had great characters and a good storyline. 

There are two smoking hot guys in this book.  Rex, the billionaire is a smooth talking businessman looking for a quicky wife to keep his fortune.  Jack is an ordinary guy in between jobs who just happens to be sexy as all get out.

Kat's always had a list.  Rex makes the list but Jack doesn't.  Knowing Rex is the key to her happiness, her and her best friend face off Bride Wars style to get the guy.  Kat's not sure if her relationship with Holly will withstand the fight for Rex.

Jack is there when Rex isn't.  He helps her out and comforts her when she needs it most.  It still doesn't change the fact that he isn't rich and she needs stability. 

The story was full of twists and many things that alter the course of the plot.  I really enjoyed this book and am excited for the little sister's P.O.V. in the sequel.  I have to give this book five glittery stars for the great fairytale romance.

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  1. I love when free books end up being amazing. I have to check this one out.