Monday, July 6, 2015

Book Quotes #12- young adult pnr edition

Here are some quotes from my favorite Indie young adult paranormal romances!

1. “Just like conjuring up a spell, or harnessing wolf instincts, wielding demonic power came as naturally to me as committing misdemeanors.” 
― Kelly OramChameleon

2. “At the end of the week, you told me that you were going on a long trip, but someday you would come back and marry me.”

Arianna giggled. “Did I really say that?” she asked, mortified at her bold younger self.

“Yes, but I suppose it doesn’t count if you don’t remember. Oh yeah, not to mention the fact you told two of the butlers, three maids, and your favorite cook you wanted to marry them also” 
― B. Kristin McMichaelThe Legend of the Blue Eyes

3. “His eyes widen as he brings my hand to his lips. “Thank you.” It comes out sad. Cooper smiles with his eyes as if my mental admission was all he would ever have to hear. “I need you safe, and I don’t think you’d be safe with me... His brows depress. “God, Laken, I would rearrange the universe to make you mine, I swear it.” 
― Addison MooreEphemeral

4. “Women want to be bitten and swept away by a sparkling, 100-year-old, handsome vampire.”
Chrissy Peebles, Crush

5. “It’s all just a lot to take in, okay? What if your mom came up to you and said, ‘Oh, Cameron, by the way, your father is an elf from Santa’s workshop and I’m an alien from outer space, so that makes you—”
“Something really messed up,” he cut in.”
Mindy Hayes, Kaleidoscope

6. “inhaler. Rylie crept around a tree, peering into the darkness. Maybe it was a deer or something. “If that’s you, Amber, you better hope I don’t find you. I’ll—I’ll beat you”
S.M. Reine, Six Moon Summer

7. “I ordered my favorite drink; vanilla iced blended coffee with whipped cream and caramel sauce on top. The whipped cream and caramel sauce were the best. Usually when no one was watching, I would lick the inside of the lid to get every last drop of the addictive syrup. Once, my dad caught me doing this and started laughing. I'd gotten caramel plastered over my nose. If Colt had ever seen me do this, I would never live it down. Glancing around, I indulged shamelessly and grinned." -Cheyenne”
Lisa L. Wiedmeier, Cheyenne

8. “I never got that tingling feeling, that breathlessness that I feel with you.”
S.L. Baum, A Chance for Charity

9. “There is nothing like the smell of books, both new and old. If someone ever bottled the smell, I would be all over it .”
Tiffany King, Meant to Be

10. “I want you to tell me how this normally works. Do we hunt down the Dark Ones? Do we have a scheduled battle with the Big Bad Dark One? Do I need to run up and hit him in the face with a glove and declare a duel? What?”
Nichole Chase, Mortal Obligation 

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