Monday, August 10, 2015

Book Quotes #11- Richelle Mead Succubus Blues Edition

I HAD to do this post! The Succubus Blues Series by Richelle Mead is my second favorite series of all time (Next to The Wildcat Series by Rachel Vincent). Georgina Kincaid is awesome. She has a great sense of humor, a flair for the dramatic, and a good heart. If you like urban fantasy with a strong romance entwined in it, you MUST read this series!

1. “I don’t suppose there’s a Georgina Kincaid Instruction Manual around somewhere to help me avoid these embarrassing blunders in the future.”

“We sell them downstairs.”

“Oh yeah? Is there a page on how to woo the fair Georgina?”

“Page? Hell, there’s a whole chapter.”

“Required reading, I’d imagine.”

― Richelle MeadSuccubus Blues

2. “Lucky Charms?” I asked.

“Magically delicious,” he explained. “Requisite for any sort of building project.”

I shook my head, still amazed at how he had managed to weasel his way over here. “This isn’t a date.”

He cut me a scandalized look. "Obviously. I’d bring Count Chocula for that.” 
― Richelle MeadSuccubus Blues

3. “I figured I could read more than five pages tonight since I'd been deprived for the last couple of days. When I finished the fifteenth, I discovered I was three pages from the next chapter. Might as well end with a clean break. After I was done, I sighed and leaned back, feeling decadent and spent. Pure bliss. Books were a lot less messy than orgasms.” 
― Richelle MeadSuccubus Blues

4. “When you say ‘old friend,’ are we talking, like...since the Ice Age?”

“No. Of course not.”


“It’s only been about four hundred years.”

“Ah. Yes. Only four hundred.” A wry expression spread over his face. “Being with you is a continual experiment in perspective. Among other things.” 
― Richelle MeadSuccubus on Top

5. Brandy gave me a sage look, worthy of someone much older. “Uncle Seth spent last Valentine’s Day at a library.” 
― Richelle MeadSuccubus on Top

6. “What kind of sick bastard burns down a Christmas tree?”

Hugh and I exchanged glances. “That’s an excellent question,” I said dryly.

Peter looked startled. “Was it you?” he asked Hugh.

“No,” said the imp. “It was Carter.”

“Your Christmas tree was burned down by an angel?” asked Cody.

“Yup. The irony isn’t lost on me” 
― Richelle MeadSuccubus Dreams

7. “This is insane," I said blankly. "I'm the instrument of an all-powerful primordial deity's wave of chaos and destruction."

"That's kind of extreme" said Dante jovially. "It's not like you work for Google or anything.” 
― Richelle MeadSuccubus Dreams

8. “I stared. "Canadian Satanists? You're sending me to a group of Canadian Satanists?” 
― Richelle MeadSuccubus Heat

9. “I don’t know how you do it. You aren’t even blond. I mean, maybe a little, but mostly you’re a brunette. I just don’t see guys going for that.”

“Yeah, well, some people are into kinky stuff, I guess.” 
― Richelle MeadSuccubus Heat

10. “My muse is an ungrateful harlot who’s abandoned me to actually come up with my own plots.” 
― Richelle MeadSuccubus Shadows

11. “Do not even suggest jazz. I saw Newsies and was traumatized for, like, five years.” 
― Richelle MeadSuccubus Shadows

12. “I kind of like the idea of adorning women in crowns and jewels. Call me sexist, but I think the fair sex should be worshiped.” - Seth to Georgina” 
― Richelle MeadSuccubus Shadows

13. “Have you ever wanted to put on a Santa suit?"
"I have always wanted to do that," said Carter gravely.” 
― Richelle MeadSuccubus Revealed

14. “A girl just asked for SAT scores good enough to get her into Yale. I think she was nine.” 
― Richelle MeadSuccubus Revealed

15. “Jerome sighed and set down his fork. "Are you still doing that, Georgie? Don't I suffer enough without having to endure the humiliation of a succubus who moonlights as a Christmas elf?" 

"You always said I should quit the bookstore and find something else to do," I reminded him.

"Yes, but that was because I thought you'd go on to do something respectable. Like become a stripper or the Mayor's mistress.” 
― Richelle MeadSuccubus Revealed

I hope you liked these quotes! Richelle Mead is also the author of The Vampire Academy Series, The Bloodline Series and The Dark Swan Series.

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